NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 14

Here is the NFL Canadian TV Guide for this week.

Thursday December 8
8:20pm, Cleveland @ Pittsburgh – Sportsnet, RDS2

Sunday December 11
1:00pm, New England @ Washington – CTV Atlantic, Montreal
1:00pm, Tennessee @ New Orleans – CTV Ontario, Winnipeg; RDS
1:00pm, Kansas City @ NY Jets – CTV Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC
1:00pm, Minnesota @ Detroit – TSN2
4:05pm, Chicago @ Denver – SN Ontario, West, Pacific
4:15pm, Oakland @ Green Bay – Citytv; SN East; RDS2
8:20pm, NY Giants @ Dallas – TSN, NBC, RDS

Monday December 12
8:30pm, St. Louis @ Seattle – TSN, RDS2

And here are the Sunday afternoon listings for CBS and Fox courtesy of the506.

8 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 14

  1. I think that this is the first time where CityTV Toronto has passed on showing a Buffalo Bills game at 4:05/4:15 when it has been available to them. Either way I ain’t complaining because Oakland @ Green Bay & Chicago @ Denver should be fun games. Will Green Bay remain undefeated or will Oakland pull off a massive upset at Lambeau Field? Is Tebowmania going to continue in Denver or can the Bears hold it together without Jay Cutler and Matt Forte? Let me add that as a Vikings fan, I wouldn’t wish Brett Favre on any team (even a division rival such as Chicago). I also love the selection by CTV to show the Saints @ Titans game across the province of Ontario. Should be another fun week in the National Football League.

  2. It’s actually Saints @ Titans as it is a Fox game. I like the games Sportsnet picked. The other good game at that time is the 49ers @ Cardinals which is on timeshifters Seattle KCPQ and Spokane KAYU Fox. The Toronto area will get to see the Bills game at that time too.

    I am disappointed that CTV is showing the Chiefs @ Jets. The better game to show is the Texans @ Bengals. Bummer.

  3. Texans @ Bengals would have been a great game to show. Unfortunately, I think CTV may choose some of their games based on which teams are popular in Canada and it’s possible that the Texans and Bengals aren’t anywhere near the top of that list. It sucks because HOU-CIN would have been an excellent choice of a game for CTV to air. If you have Sunday Ticket, you can see the Texans @ Bengals game. Or you could go to a sports bar in your area that will show the game. :)

  4. Well that sucks now, the 506 is showing that Seattle and Spokane are changing to the Bears-Broncos.

  5. Why must Citytv AND 2 of my 3 US affiliates show Oakland-Green Bay? We all know the Packers will win… Buffalo-San Diego should be a much more entertaining game.

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