Sports on Canadian TV: December 5-9

Here is the Sports on Canadian TV schedule for this week. Lots of soccer and NHL on. Christmas is just around the corner; here is New York City Christmas by Rob Thomas to listen to while you read.

Monday December 5
EPL: Fulham vs. Liverpool – 2:55pm on TSN2 (HD)
La Liga: Sevilla vs. Getafe – 2:55pm on GolTV
NHL: Maple Leafs @ Rangers – 7:00pm on LeafsTV (HD)
NHL: Lightning @ Senators – 7:30pm on SN East (HD)
NHL: Coyotes @ Blackhawks – 8:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
NFL: Chargers @ Jaguars – 8:30pm on TSN (HD)

Tuesday December 6
UEFA: Chelsea vs. Valencia – 2:30pm on SN (HD)
UEFA: Olympiacos vs. Arsenal – 2:30pm on SN World (HD)
UEFA: Dortmund vs. Marseille – 2:30pm on SN1 (HD)
NHL: Devils @ Maple Leafs – 7:00pm on SN Ontario (HD)
NHL: Red Wings @ Blues – 7:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Bruins @ Jets – 8:30pm on TSN-Jets (HD)
NHL: Hurricanes @ Flames – 9:00pm on SN West (HD)
NCAA BB: Memphis @ Miami – 9:00pm on theScore (HD)
NHL: Avalanche @ Canucks – 10:00pm on SN Pacific (HD)

Wednesday December 7
UEFA: Man City vs. Bayern Munich – 2:30pm on SN (HD)
UEFA: Basel vs. Man United – 2:30pm on SN World (HD)
UEFA: Villlarreal vs. Napoli – 2:30pm on SN1 (HD)
NHL: Capitals @ Senators – 7:00pm on TSN (HD)
NCAA BB: Arizona @ Florida – 7:00pm on theScore (HD)
NHL: Flyers @ Sabres – 7:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Hurricanes @ Oilers – 9:30pm on TSN (HD)

Thursday December 8
Golf: Dubai Championship, 3:00am on GOLF (HD)
Soccer: Juventus vs. Bologna – 2:55pm on GolTV
NHL: Senators @ Devils – 7:00pm on SN-Sens (HD)
NCAA BB: Harvard @ UConn – 7:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Canucks @ Canadiens – 7:30pm on TSN-Habs & SN-Vancouver (HD)
NFL: Browns @ Steelers – 8:00pm on SN (HD)
NHL: Avalanche @ Flames – 9:00pm on SN-Flames (HD)
NCAA BB: West Virginia @ Kansas St. – 9:00pm on TSN2 (HD)

Friday December 9
Golf: Dubai Championship, 2nd round – 3:00am on GOLF (HD)
Figure Skating: Grand Prix Final – 2:00pm on CBC (HD)
Rugby: Harlequins vs. Toulouse – 2:55pm on SN World (HD)
PGA: Shark Shootout, 1st round – 3:00pm on GOLF (HD)
NHL: Maple Leafs @ Capitals – 7:00pm on SN Ontario (HD)
NHL: Hurricanes @ Jets – 8:30pm on TSN-Jets (HD)
NHL: Avalanche @ Oilers – 9:30pm on TSN (HD)
WHL: Portland @ Vancouver – 10:00pm on SN1, SNW, SNP (HD)

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