Final College Football Bowl Projections

Note: See confirmations as they come in at this link.

Here are my final college football bowl projections. I will be updating a post with confirmed bids beginning at 8:15pm ET tonight. There is no TV coverage in Canada, so I invite everyone to visit the main page of the Canadian Sports Media Blog and refresh often.

BCS Championship: Louisiana State vs. Oklahoma State
Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. West Virginia
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Michigan
Fiesta Bowl: Stanford vs. Boise State
Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Wisconsin

Continue after the break for my projections for other bowl games.

Peach Bowl: Virginia Tech (11-2)
Champs Sports Bowl: Florida State (8-4)
Sun Bowl: Georgia Tech (8-4)
Belk Bowl: Virginia (8-4)
Music City Bowl: NC State (7-5)
Independence Bowl: North Carolina (7-5)
Military Bowl: Wake Forest (6-6)

Big 12
Cotton Bowl: Kansas State (10-2)
Alamo Bowl: Baylor (9-3)
Insight Bowl: Oklahoma (9-3)
Holiday Bowl: Texas (7-5)
Texas Bowl: Texas A&M (6-6)
Pinstripe Bowl: Missouri (7-5)

Big East
Champs Sports Bowl: Notre Dame (8-4)
Belk Bowl: Cincinnati (9-3)
Pinstripe Bowl: Rutgers (8-4)
Liberty Bowl: Louisville (7-5)
BBVA Bowl: Pittsburgh (6-6)

Big Ten
Citrus Bowl: Nebraska (9-3)
Outback Bowl: Michigan State (10-3)
Gator Bowl: Ohio State (6-6)
Insight Bowl: Penn State (9-3)
Texas Bowl: Purdue (6-6)
TicketCity Bowl: Iowa (7-5)
Little Caesar’s Bowl: Northwestern (6-6)

Alamo Bowl: Washington (7-5)
Holiday Bowl: California (7-5)
Sun Bowl: Utah (7-5)
Las Vegas Bowl: Arizona State (6-6)
Kraft Bowl: UCLA (6-7)
New Mexico Bowl:

Citrus Bowl: South Carolina (10-2)
Cotton Bowl: Arkansas (10-2)
Outback Bowl: Georgia (10-3)
Peach Bowl: Auburn (7-5)
Gator Bowl: Florida (6-6)
Music City Bowl: Vanderbilt (6-6)
Liberty Bowl: Mississippi State (6-6)
BBVA Bowl:

TicketCity Bowl: Southern Miss (11-2)
Armed Forces Bowl: Houston (12-1)
Hawaii Bowl: Tulsa (8-4)
New Orleans Bowl: Marshall (6-6)
St. Petersburg Bowl: Southern Methodist (7-5)
Military Bowl:

Las Vegas Bowl: San Diego State (8-4)
Poinsettia Bowl: Texas Christian (10-2)
Independence Bowl: Wyoming (8-4)
New Mexico Bowl: Air Force (7-5)

Go Daddy Bowl: Northern Illinois (10-3)
Little Caesar’s Bowl: Ohio (9-4)
Idaho Bowl: Toledo (8-4)
Military Bowl: Temple (8-4)

Sun Belt
New Orleans Bowl: UL-Lafayette (8-4)
Go Daddy Bowl: Arkansas State (10-2)
St. Petersburg Bowl: Florida International (8-4)
BBVA Bowl: Western Kentucky (7-5)

Poinsettia Bowl: Louisiana Tech (8-4)
Idaho Bowl: Utah State (7-5)
Hawaii Bowl: Nevada (7-5)

At-large Bids
Armed Forces Bowl: Brigham Young (9-3)
New Mexico Bowl: Illinois (6-6)
Kraft Bowl: Iowa State (6-6)

New Mexico Bowl: Air Force vs. Illinois
Idaho Bowl: Toledo vs. Utah State
New Orleans Bowl: UL-Lafayette vs. Marshall
St. Petersburg Bowl: Southern Methodist vs. Florida International
Poinsettia Bowl: Louisiana Tech vs. Texas Christian
Las Vegas Bowl: San Diego State vs. Arizona State
Hawaii Bowl: Tulsa vs. Nevada
Independence Bowl: North Carolina vs. Wyoming
Little Caesar’s Bowl: Northwestern vs. Ohio
Belk Bowl: Virginia vs. Cincinnati
Military Bowl: Wake Forest vs. Temple
Holiday Bowl: Texas vs. California
Champs Sports Bowl: Florida State vs. Notre dame
Alamo Bowl: Baylor vs. Washington
Armed Forces Bowl: Brigham Young vs. Houston
Pinstripe Bowl: Rutgers vs. Missouri
Music City Bowl: NC State vs. Vanderbilt
Insight Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Penn State
Texas Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Purdue
Sun Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Utah
Liberty Bowl: Louisville vs. Mississippi State
Kraft Bowl: UCLA vs. Iowa State
Peach Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Auburn
TicketCity Bowl: Southern Miss vs. Iowa
Outback Bowl: Michigan State vs. Georgia
Citrus Bowl: Nebraska vs. South Carolina
Gator Bowl: Ohio State vs. Florida
Cotton Bowl: Arkansas vs. Kansas State
BBVA Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. Western Kentucky
Go Daddy Bowl: Arkansas State vs. Northern Illinois

What do you think?

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