Confirmed NCAA Bowl Matchups 2011

Here are a list of confirmed NCAA bowl matchups for 2011. This page will be updated with new accepted bids throughout the evening, so check back often (or refresh). You can also follow me on Twitter for the latest updates.

BCS Championship: Louisiana State vs. Alabama
Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. West Virginia
Sugar Bowl: Michigan vs. Virginia Tech
Fiesta Bowl: Stanford vs. Oklahoma Sate
Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Wisconsin

New Mexico Bowl: Temple vs. Wyoming
Idaho Bowl: Ohio vs. Utah State
New Orleans Bowl: UL-Lafayette vs. San Diego State
St. Petersburg Bowl: Florida International vs. Marshall
Poinsettia Bowl: Louisiana Tech vs. Texas Christian
Las Vegas Bowl: Boise State vs. Arizona State
Hawaii Bowl: Southern Miss vs. Nevada
Independence Bowl: Missouri vs. North Carolina
Little Caesar’s Bowl: Western Michigan vs. Purdue
Belk Bowl: NC State vs. Louisville
Military Bowl: Air Force vs. Toledo
Holiday Bowl: California vs. Texas
Champs Sports Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Florida State
Alamo Bowl: Baylor vs. Washington
Armed Forces Bowl: Brigham Young vs. Tulsa
Pinstripe Bowl: Rutgers vs. Iowa State
Music City Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Wake Forest
Insight Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Iowa
Texas Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Northwestern
Sun Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Utah
Liberty Bowl: Vanderbilt vs. Cincinnati
Kraft Bowl: Illinois vs. UCLA
Peach Bowl: Auburn vs. Virginia
TicketCity Bowl: Houston vs. Penn State
Citrus Bowl: South Carolina vs. Nebraska
Outback Bowl: Michigan State vs. Georgia
Gator Bowl: Ohio State vs. Florida
Cotton Bowl: Arkansas vs. Kansas State
BBVA Bowl: Southern Methodist vs. Pittsburgh
Go Daddy Bowl: Arkansas State vs. Northern Illinois

18 thoughts on “Confirmed NCAA Bowl Matchups 2011

  1. Amazing how Michigan State doesn’t get a BCS bowl despite coming so close to the Rose Bowl, but I guess Michigan is just a bigger draw. What are the chances someone in Canada picks up the Alamo Bowl?

    I hated Fox’s conference championship coverage – I actually had to turn Friday night’s game off because the commentators were driving me nuts (not that it was a thrilling game). That said, the Big Ten Championship coverage was better (maybe because the game was so good) but they still need to do something with their audio. I think the sound of the crowd is one of the best things about the college game and Fox did a terrible job of highlighting it in the audio mix. ESPN and CBS know how to do it right, so hopefully Fox can figure it out in time for the BCS Championship.

    • ESPN has the BCS Championship. The only bowl Fox has is the Cotton Bowl.

      Gus Johnson is funny at times, the rest of Fox’s broadcast crew was terrible. Johnson is good for some games, but he will probably never be a #1.

      Michigan State didn’t deserve a spot at all in my opinion. They lost to Michigan. Besides, they are outside of BCS top 14, so they aren’t eligible.

      The Sugar Bowl basically had the choice of 2 of Michigan, Boise State, Kansas State and Virginia Tech. Baylor and Oklahoma were also eligible.

      • MSU beat Michigan this year. Regardless, I think they should have been in the top 14.

        VT in a BCS bowl is a travesty. How Sugar didn’t select Boise State or Kansas State is beyond me – I guess attendance is worth more than ratings.

        • Sadly Chuck, it seems that attendance is worth more than ratings. At the end of the day, Boise State or Kansas State was more deserving of being in the Sugar Bowl. The BCS is a joke and here’s hoping that when the television contract with ESPN is finished, we have a true playoff system starting in 2014.

        • My mistake of UM-MSU, I forgot.

          Ratings for VT are probably better than Boise too. VT losing last night was the worst thing for Boise State. They’d probably be playing VT in the Orange Bowl otherwise.

  2. LSU and Alabama meeting in a rematch for the BCS Championship? Really? Hopefully the BCS puts it in writing that starting next season, that no rematch from the same season can take place for the BCS Championship Game. Or this which I think is a better idea, no more BCS and we have a true playoff for the national championship. The #1 ranked team plays #4 and #2 plays #3. The winners of both games would then go on to play for the National Championship. The rest of the bowl games would still be played. However, the amount of bowl games (outside of the true playoff for the National Championship) should be cut back to 24. There are way too many bowl games in my opinion.

    Back to this year, I feel sorry for Oklahoma State. They should have gotten their shot at the National Championship against LSU. (:

    • I agree on cutting bowls. I’d like to get rid of rewarding 6-6 teams with a bowl game.

      I’ve always kind of liked the idea of a New Year’s Day playoff, with one semifinal at 5:00pm ET and the other at 8:30pm ET. It would return the importance of the January 1 bowls. Have 3 other BCS bowls (I’d throw in the Cotton) the following 3 days. Rotate the 2 semifinals between the 5 bowls.

      • Getting rid of rewarding 6-6 teams with a bowl game is an EXCELLENT idea.

        A New Year’s Day playoff would be cool. Hopefully a New Year’s Tradition of important bowl games could make a huge comeback. I like your idea of having 3 other BCS bowls along with the Cotton Bowl the next three days and the rotating the two semifinals between the five bowls. Now, do you think that the Cotton should be added as a BCS bowl game? I’m not sure what you’re saying.

        Off topic though another idea which I have for college bowl games and regular season games would be to change the overtime rules that are currently in place to the system that the Arena Football League uses for their games but with a twist: if 15 minutes expires in any regular season overtime game, it is not over. A second overtime would begin (it would be the same procedure that the NFL uses for postseason games) and play would continue until someone scores. I wouldn’t want to see a major college BCS game (or a blockbuster game such as LSU @ Alabama last month) end the way that overtime currently is right now and I think that it would add more excitement to college football. What do you think?

  3. The Champs Sports Bowl is one of the few that Canadian TV isn’t showing. I wonder if that’ll change with ND/FSU being the matchup. Would have to think that TSN and the Score would be interested in that pairing.

  4. I heard soem sports expert the other day with a neat idea more or less the lesser bowls would be quarter-finals then more important bowls would be semi finals then you would have the championship.

    • Yeah, that ones been thrown around too. I really don’t like it. I really like bowl games as they are: a reward for a good season. College football shouldn’t reward too many teams with a shot at the national championship, nor will it ever add in too many extra games.

      FWIW, the method I suggested would give us these bowl matchups this year (I’m using the Sugar and Fiesta as semifinal sites):

      Sugar Bowl (Jan. 1): 1 LSU vs. 4 Stanford
      Fiesta Bowl (Jan. 1): 2 Alabama vs. 3 Oklahoma State
      Rose Bowl (Jan. 2): 5 Oregon vs. 10 Wisconsin
      Orange Bowl (Jan. 3): 15 Clemson vs. 23 West Virginia
      Cotton Bowl (Jan. 4): 7 Boise State vs. 8 Kansas State

      (note, the other change that is much needed in the BCS is only teams in the top 10 can be at-larges, unless it is necessary to go beyond that point).

      • I can understand that but aslo there are teams in bowl games that really did not have great season and should really not be in a bowl game.

  5. Hi: Is TSN or THE SCORE televising the Champs Sports,Valero Alamo,Franklin American Mortgage Music City,Insight,Meineke Care Care of Texas or TicketCity Bowl games? I watch all the bowl games so I hope that those games are being televised in Canada. Notre Dame is playing in the Champs Sports bowl game and their my favorite U.S. college team. Thanks and you always do an awesome job. Keep up the great site.

    • As of right now, no. There could still be changes in the schedules though. I hope that at least the Champs Sports and TicketCity Bowls are televised in Canada.

    • There are 6 games that I’m aware of that won’t be televised in Canada. I wish Sportsnet would pick them up. Put them on Sportsnet One. In any case, I guess I’ll have to watch online.

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