NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 13

Here is the NFL Canadian TV Guide for this week.

Thursday December 1
8:20pm, Philadelphia @ Seattle – Sportsnet, RDS2

Sunday December 4
1:00pm, Indianapolis @ New England – CTV Atlantic, Montreal
1:00pm, NY Jets @ Washington – CTV Toronto, Southwestern Ontario
1:00pm, Denver @ Minnesota – CTV Ottawa, Northern Ontario, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC
1:00pm, Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh – TSN2, RDS
4:15pm, Green Bay @ NY Giants – Citytv; SN East
4:15pm, Dallas @ Arizona – SN Ontario, West, Pacific
8:20pm, Detroit @ New Orleans – TSN, NBC, RDS

Monday December 5
8:30pm, San Diego @ Jacksonville – TSN, RDS2

And here are the Sunday afternoon listings for CBS and Fox courtesy of the506.

10 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 13

  1. I’m not sure if you saw this from The 506 but the Titans @ Bills game is blacked out. If I am not mistaken, CTV Toronto (and Kitchener?) must show another game on Sunday.

  2. Isn’t it Denver @ Minnesota? The 506 site is showing that. Since the game is in Minnesota, why is it a Fox game? Inter-conference games means that CBS should be showing this game since the Broncos are the AFC road team. Just like the Chiefs at Bears and the Jets at Redskins are both on CBS.

    • You’re correct. Apparently the reason is because NO-DET got flexed to primetime, while a CBS game (NE-IND) went to the afternoon. So, Fox got DEN-MIN as a replacement game.

      It is a pretty unprecedented move (hasn’t happened since the early 70s). I wasn’t even aware of it until you mentioned it; so, thanks.

  3. CTV Toronto/swo are not considered primary markets in terms of home blackout games. So they could show the Bills game if they so desired.

    Instead CTV decided to pick up the Buffalo CBS game. aka Jets and Redskins.

    • Do you have any proof of this? All information I’ve seen is Toronto is a Bills secondary market.

    • @ g:

      Do you have Bell TV? If so, when I saw the listing for the Titans @ Bills game earlier today, it said “not available in the GTA, Hamilton and Niagara regions.” or something like that. Also, the game was blacked out on the Rogers Super Sports Pak across Ontario (despite the fact that it should have been available in Ottawa). I called one of the local establishments that has Sunday Ticket with the Sports Pak and they told me that the Bills game was unavailable.

      The Bills have two more home games this season and if one or both of them are blacked out, I will check in again with the establishment that I called earlier today and check with friends who have the Sports Pak on Rogers.

  4. ATV is showing the Broncos @ Vikings game on Shaw. Glad that CBS Detroit is showing the Chiefs @ Bears and CBS Spokane is showing Raiders @ Dolphins

  5. Did some games get changed at halftime or something? Over on CBS Seattle, it is showing the Jets @ Redskins game.

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