College Football Bowl Projections: November 28

Note: See confirmations as they come in at this link.

The college football bowl games are just around the corner. Each game will make its selections next Sunday. Here are my predictions with just one week left in the season. Remember, many of these are great affected by TV. I will explain my choices for the BCS games. All rankings are BCS rankings. Italics represent a bid that is already accepted.

BCS Championship (on TSN): 1 Louisiana State vs. 2 Alabama
I think LSU gets this spot regardless of what happens this week. At 12-1, many would argue they are still the best team in the country. I don’t think any voters would put them behind an Oklahoma State team that lost to Iowa State. If Oklahoma State blow out Alabama, I suppose they could climb to #2, but I don’t see it happen.

Orange Bowl (on TSN2): 5 Virginia Tech vs. 23 West Virginia
The winner of Virginia Tech vs. Clemson gets an Orange Bowl bid. The Orange also probably picks West Virginia, to set up an old Big East rivalry, with the last BCS at-large pick. That is, assuming West Virginia and Cincinnati both win this weekend. Otherwise, Cincinnati or Louisville could get this spot.

Sugar Bowl (on TSN2): 6 Houston vs. 16 Michigan
This one is a bit harder to explain. The SEC can only send 2 teams to the BCS, unless Georgia beats LSU and LSU and Alabama remain #1 and #2. If that happens, the Bulldogs go to the Sugar Bowl. Most likely, the Sugar Bowl will get the first at-large selection and take Michigan. In order for that to happen, Michigan needs 2 teams ranked just ahead of them to lose, which is likely, but far from a guarantee. A team must be ranked inside the BCS top 14 to get an at-large bid. The Sugar will then pick the 3rd at-large team, after the Fiesta Bowl. They will probably have a choice of Big East champs or Houston. They could take a bigger profile West Virginia, but I think they will go with an undefeated Houston.

Fiesta Bowl (on TSN2): 3 Oklahoma State vs. 4 Stanford
This would easily be the best bowl game, aside from the BCS Championship. Both teams have 1-loss, and assuming they win their final games this weekend, it is likely they will play each other in the Fiesta Bowl.

Rose Bowl (on TSN2): 9 Oregon vs. 13 Michigan State
This is the easiest BCS game to explain. The winners of Oregon vs. UCLA and Michigan State vs. Wisconsin get the bids. I think Oregon and Michigan State will win.

Okay, now continue after the break for the rest.

I’ll now go through each bowl game conference by conference, starting with the BCS conferences. See the bottom of this post for the matchups for each bowl.

Peach Bowl (in Atlanta): Florida State
Champs Sports Bowl (in Orlando): Clemson
Sun Bowl (in El Paso): Georgia Tech
Belk Bowl (in Charlotte): Virginia
Music City Bowl (in Nashville): NC State
Independence Bowl (in Shreveport): North Carolina
Military Bowl (in Washington, DC): Wake Forest

Big East
Champs Sports Bowl (in Orlando): Notre Dame
Belk Bowl (in Charlotte): Cincinnati
Pinstripe Bowl (in New York): Rutgers
BBVA Bowl (in Birmingham): Louisville
St. Petersburg Bowl: Pittsburgh/Syracuse winner

Big 12
Cotton Bowl (in Dallas): Kansas State
Alamo Bowl (in San Antonio): Oklahoma
Insight Bowl (in Tempe): Baylor
Holiday Bowl (in San Diego): Missouri
Texas Bowl (in Houston): Texas
Pinstripe Bowl (in New York): Texas A&M
TicketCity Bowl (in Dallas): Iowa State

Big Ten
Citrus Bowl (in Orlando): Wisconsin
Outback Bowl (in Tampa): Nebraska
Gator Bowl (in Jacksonville): Penn State
Insight Bowl (in Tempe): Iowa
Texas Bowl (in Houston): Ohio State
TicketCity Bowl (in Dallas): Illinois
Little Caesar’s Bowl (in Detroit): Purdue

Alamo Bowl (in San Antonio): Washington
Holiday Bowl (in San Diego): UCLA
Sun Bowl (in El Paso): Utah
Las Vegas Bowl: California
Kraft Bowl (in San Francisco): Arizona State
New Mexico Bowl:

Citrus Bowl (in Orlando): South Carolina
Cotton Bowl (in Dallas): Arkansas
Outback Bowl (in Tampa): Georgia
Peach Bowl (in Atlanta): Auburn
Gator Bowl (in Jacksonville): Florida
Music City Bowl (in Nashville): Vanderbilt
Liberty Bowl (in Memphis): Mississippi State
BBVA Bowl (in Birmingham):

Liberty Bowl (in Memphis): Southern Mississippi
Hawaii Bowl (in Honolulu): Tulsa
Armed Forces Bowl (in Dallas): Southern Methodist
St. Petersburg Bowl: Marshall
New Orleans Bowl:
Military Bowl:
TicketCity Bowl:

Mountain West Conference
Las Vegas Bowl: Boise State
Poinsettia Bowl (in San Diego): Texas Christian
Independence Bowl (in Shreveport): Wyoming
New Mexico Bowl: San Diego State

Go Daddy Bowl (in Mobile): Northern Illinois
Little Caesar’s Bowl (in Detroit): Ohio
Idaho Bowl (in Boise): Temple

Sun Belt
New Orleans Bowl: UL-Lafayette
Go Daddy Bowl (in Mobile): Arkansas State

Poinsettia Bowl (in San Diego): Louisiana Tech
Idaho Bowl (in Boise): Utah State
Hawaii Bowl (in Honolulu): Nevada

At-large bids:
Armed Forces Bowl (in Dallas): Brigham Young
New Mexico Bowl: Florida International
Kraft Bowl: Air Force
BBVA Bowl (in Birmingham): Western Kentucky
New Orleans Bowl: Toledo
Military Bowl (in Washington, DC): Northwestern

New Mexico Bowl: San Diego State vs. Florida International
Idaho Bowl: Temple vs. Utah State
New Orleans Bowl: UL-Lafayette vs. Toledo
St. Petersburg Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. Marshall
Poinsettia Bowl: Louisiana Tech vs. Texas Christian
Las Vegas Bowl: California vs. Boise State
Hawaii Bowl: Tulsa vs. Nevada
Independence Bowl: North Carolina vs. Wyoming
Little Caesar’s Bowl: Purdue vs. Ohio
Belk Bowl: Virginia vs. Cincinnati
Military Bowl: Wake Forest vs. Northwestern
Holiday Bowl: Missouri vs. UCLA
Champs Sports Bowl: Clemson vs. Notre Dame
Alamo Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Washington
Armed Forces Bowl: Brigham Young vs. Southern Methodist
Pinstripe Bowl: Rutgers vs. Texas A&M
Music City Bowl: NC State vs. Vanderbilt
Insight Bowl: Baylor vs. Iowa
Texas Bowl: Texas vs. Ohio State
Sun Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Utah
Liberty Bowl: Southern Mississippi vs. Mississippi State
Kraft Bowl: Arizona State vs. Air Force
Peach Bowl: Florida State vs. Auburn
TicketCity Bowl: Illinois vs. Iowa State
Outback Bowl: Georgia vs. Nebraska
Citrus Bowl: South Carolina vs. Wisconsin
Gator Bowl: Penn State vs. Florida
Cotton Bowl: Arkansas vs. Kansas State
BBVA Bowl: Louisville vs. Western Kentucky
Go Daddy Bowl: Arkansas State vs. Northern Illinois

5 thoughts on “College Football Bowl Projections: November 28

  1. Did you mean to say that if Oklahoma State blow out Oklahoma? :)

  2. Hmmm. You say “A team must be ranked inside the BCS top 14 to get an at-large bid”. However, for the Orange Bowl, you are picking #23 West Virginia as a BCS at-large. What gives?

  3. Don’t be surprised to see Wisconsin beat MSU in a thriller this weekend. After their regular season match-up, you’d better believe it’s going to be a dandy.

    I myself will be seated in the front row for the bowl I’m sure everyone in America will be watching: The Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl on Dec 27th.

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