Sports on Canadian TV: November 28-December 2

Here is the Sports on Canadian TV schedule for this week.

Nickelback received a lot of critism after performing at the Detroit Lions game on Thursday, then the Grey Cup tonight. There was a time about 10 years ago that I thought they were one of the best rock bands around. I still love their music from that era. Here is “Fly”; I encourage anyone who has never heard it to give it a shot. It doesn’t sound like their newer music at all.

Monday November 28
NHL: Lightning @ Wild – 7:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NFL: Giants @ Saints – 8:30pm on TSN (HD)
NHL: Predators @ Oilers – 9:30pm on SN West (HD)

Tuesday November 29
Soccer: Arsenal vs. Man City – 2:55pm on SN World (HD)
NHL: Penguins @ Rangers – 7:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Senators @ Jets – 8:30pm on SN East & TSN-Jets (HD)
NHL: Predators @ Flames – 9:30pm on TSN (HD)
NHL: Blue Jackets @ Canucks – 10:00pm on SN Pacific (HD)

Wednesday November 30
Soccer: Man United vs. Crystal Palace – 2:40pm on SN World (HD)
NHL: Bruins @ Maple Leafs – 7:00pm on TSN (HD)
NHL: Lightning @ Red Wings – 7:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Wild @ Oilers – 9:30pm on TSN (HD)
NCAA BB: Wisconsin @ North Carolina – 9:30pm on theScore (HD)
NCAA BB: Notre Dame @ Gonzaga – 11:30pm on theScore (HD)

Thursday December 1
Golf: World Challenge, 1st round – 3:00pm on GOLF (HD)
NCAA BB: St. John’s @ Kentucky – 7:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NFL: Eagles @ Seahawks – 8:00pm on Sportsnet (HD)
NCAA FB: West Virginia @ USF – 8:00pm on theScore (HD)
NHL: Senators @ Stars – 8:30pm on SN-Sens (HD)
NHL: Coyotes @ Jets – 8:30pm on TSN-Jets (HD)
NHL: Blue Jackets @ Flames – 9:00pm on SN-Flames (HD)
NCAA BB: Georgetown @ Alabama – 9:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Predators @ Canucks – 10:00pm on SN-Vancouver (HD)

Friday December 2
Tennis: Davis Cup, Argentina vs. Spain – 9:00am on SN1 (HD)
Soccer: UEFA Euro 2012 Draw – 12:00pm on TSN (HD)
Golf: World Challenge, 2nd round – 3:00pm on GOLF (HD)
OHL: Spitfires @ 67’s – 7:00pm on SNE, SNO, SNP (HD)
NCAA FB: UCLA @ Oregon – 8:00pm on Fox (HD)
NHL: Blue Jackets @ Oilers – 9:30pm on SN West (HD)

8 thoughts on “Sports on Canadian TV: November 28-December 2

  1. Monday Night Football: Giants-Saints

  2. Correction:
    Friday December 2
    NCAA FB: UCLA @ Oregon – 8:00pm on Fox (HD)

  3. “Fly” is an awesome song. It sounds a lot like Nirvana. I love Nickelback’s first two albums. Pure rock & roll. There are definitely worse rock bands out there. In fact, I would say that Theory of a Deadman is the worst with Jet, Coldplay and Default very close behind.

    • Hey, hey, don’t diss Coldplay. They’re one of the best bands out there. They were doing indie rock before just about anyone else in the late 90s. Plus they kind of have a The Verve/Radiohead post-Britpop feel to some of their older stuff.

      One thing that bothers me, bands that are disliked just because its popular to dislike them. Even the bands you listed (and I hate Jet) aren’t as bad as others. You gotta be somewhat good to become popular in the first place.

  4. Wow. I didn’t know that Coldplay has some older stuff out there. If you could name me some of their older songs, I will listen to them. :)

    What are some rock bands that you personally dislike besides Jet?

    • I thought “A Rush of Blood to the Head” was one of the best albums from the 2000s. In My Place, the Scientist and Clocks are all really good IMO (these were the first Coldplay songs I ever heard). I like Violet Hill and Viva la Vida too (although those are fairly new). Some of their other older songs that are pretty good include

      -Brothers & Sisters
      -Don’t Panic (I love this one)

      If you don’t like Britpop and post-Britpop (like The Verve or Radiohead for example) , you probably won’t like any of those songs either.

      • Thank You for naming me some older songs from Coldplay. I’m not really a fan of The Verve or Radiohead. Although I like “Bittersweet Symphony” from The Verve and “Creep” from Radiohead is not a bad song. Though I will give the songs you listed a try. :)

  5. Hey Josh. I hope you are having a great weekend so far.

    I listened to the four songs from Coldplay that you mentioned. I’m sorry if this upsets you but I’m not really a fan of “Don’t Panic”. I wasn’t into “Brothers and Sisters” that much either to be honest. However, “Shiver” is a good tune and I enjoyed it. The best one to me was “Yellow”. When I heard the beginning I was like “Hey, that sounds familiar.” It was nice to hear “Yellow” once again. That is an awesome song.

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