NHL Canadian TV Guide: November 21-27

Here is a complete list of NHL broadcasts in Canada for this week. Regional restrictions apply to broadcasts in italics. National broadcasts are in bold. Thanks to Puck the Media for the commentating assignments.

Just a reminder, CBC has added tonight’s Islanders @ Penguins game to their schedule.

Monday November 21
7:00pm, New York Islanders @ Pittsburgh Penguins – CBC
Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Glenn Healy

7:00pm, Calgary Flames @ Columbus Blue Jackets – SN West
7:30pm, Boston Bruins @ Montreal Canadiens – TSN-Habs, RDS
8:30pm, Edmonton Oilers @ Dallas Stars – SN-Oilers

Tuesday November 22
7:30pm, Los Angeles Kings @ St. Louis Blues – TSN2
Dave Strader & Brian Engblom

7:30pm, Toronto Maple Leafs @ Tampa Bay Lightning – SN Ontario, RIS
8:00pm, Edmonton Oilers @ Nashville Predators – SN West

Wednesday November 23
7:30pm, Calgary Flames @ Detroit Red Wings – TSN
Gord Miller & Ray Ferraro

7:00pm, Winnipeg Jets @ Boston Bruins – TSN-Jets
7:00pm, Montreal Canadiens @ Carolina Hurricanes – RDS
9:30pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Colorado Avalanche – SN-Pacific

Friday November 25
1:00pm, Detroit Red Wings @ Boston Bruins – TSN, NBC
Mike Emrick, Ed Olczyk & Pierre McGuire

3:00pm, Montreal Canadiens @ Philadelphia Flyers – TSN-Habs, RDS
4:00pm, Edmonton Oilers @ Minnesota Wild – SN West
4:00pm, Chicago Blackhawks @ Anaheim Ducks – WGN
7:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ Pittsburgh Penguins – SN East, TVA Sports
7:00pm, Winnipeg Jets @ Carolina Hurricanes – TSN-Jets
8:00pm, Calgary Flames @ St. Louis Blues – SN West
8:30pm, Toronto Maple Leafs @ Dallas Stars – SN Ontario
9:00pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Phoenix Coyotes – SN Pacific

Saturday November 26
7:00pm, Pittsburgh Penguins @ Montreal Canadiens – CBC (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario), RDS
Bob Cole, Garry Galley & Glenn Healy (reporter: Cassie Campbell)

7:00pm, Edmonton Oilers @ Colorado Avalanche – CBC (Alberta, BC)
Mark Lee & Daryl Reaugh

7:00pm, Winnipeg Jets @ Boston Bruins – CBC (Manitoba, Saskatchewan)
Dean Brown & Kevin Weekes

10:00pm, Vancouver Canucks @ San Jose Sharks – CBC
Jim Hughson & Craig Simpson (reporter: Scott Oake)

10:30pm, Chicago Blackhawks @ Los Angeles Kings – WGN

Sunday November 27
5:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ Carolina Hurricanes – SN East, TVA Sports
6:00pm, Calgary Flames @ Minnesota Wild – SN-Flames
9:00pm, Toronto Maple Leafs @ Anaheim Ducks – SN Ontario

9 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Guide: November 21-27

  1. Kinda too bad CBC didn’t schedule that Oilers/Avalanche game for 10 ET. Would be nice, just once, to see a regional split during the late game. There won’t be many weeks where it’s even possible, and there definitely won’t be many weeks where it would be a better fit than this one.

    You could do Pittsburgh/Montreal early to everyone east of Thunder Bay, and send the Jets game to T-Bay and everywhere west. Then Vancouver and San Jose to BC, and everyone else gets the Oilers and Avalanche. That way, CBC Toronto and Vancouver each have different games in both windows, and everyone with digital cable across the country has an option at both times.

    • But who would want to watch Oilers-Avalanche over Canucks-Sharks? I’d guess not many. If CBC did put EDM-COL at 10pm ET, it would probably only go to Alberta.

      Besides, the Avalanche originally had the game scheduled for 1pm MT. CBC may have had a hard enough time getting it moved to 4pm. Colorado wanted a matinee.

      • You may be right, but there’s not much to choose from between those two matchups at this point in the season. Personally, I’d rather watch the Oilers this season than the Canucks. At least so far.

        • Personally myself, I would prefer to see the VAN-SJ game if EDM-COL were to begin at 10 pm. When Winnipeg moves to the Western Conference next year, I think there’s a good chance that we will see a handful of split regional doubleheaders at 10 pm et.

      • The CBC in the past has had games for Alberta only and the same has happened to British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec. Many Senators games on HNIC are for the Ottawa area only. The Oilers-Avalanche game should have been put at 1900h PT and split with the Canucks-Sharks game. The CBC should listen to its viewers and have split telecasts at that time.It makes no sense that the CBC sometimes has four games at 1600h PT with one of those games being in the Pacific or Mountain timezone. The Jets at Coyotes game last month was part of the early games instead of the later game.

        I have chatted with Avalanche fans and they are not happy with the early start time.

  2. Impressed that CBC got their shit together quickly to broadcast the Crosby game tonight. Though, especially for a network in money trouble, it seems fairly excessive. Why not just take the broadcast of one of the other three networks?

    • Hockey Night makes money for CBC, so money isn’t an issue. The hockey game will probably at least double CBC’s usual ratings for a Monday night (could even quadruple).

      TSN is contractually obligated to Monday Night Football. I have a feeling TSN2 or NHL Network would air it if CBC had passed.

  3. Is McGuire doing the Versus game on Tues? He did the game last Tuesday, not Engblom.

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