Discovery Tracks Crosby’s Return to the NHL

Here is a first, and probably a last, for the Canadian Sports Media Blog, a press release from Discovery Canada. Daily Planet will air a special episode on Wednesday night that tracks Sidney Crosby’s treatment for post-concussion syndrome over the past 10 months. Here is the press release.

With the return of NHL superstar Sidney Crosby to the ice tonight, the question on every Canadian’s mind is HOW DID HE RECOVER? Find out when

Daily Planet visits with Crosby’s doctor, Dr. Ted Carrick at his lab near Atlanta. Get introduced to one of only three “whole-body gyroscopes” in the world – and discover why it’s integral to Carrick’s work as the founding father of “chiropractic neurology.” Carrick uses it to stimulate certain injured and diseased brain and in a CANADIAN TELEVISION EXCLUSIVE tells Daily Planet how he used this method to get Sid the Kid back on ice!

As described in Maclean’s magazine, the method used by Canadian-born Carrick and his colleagues is “notably different from the current “rest and wait” approach endorsed by an international consensus group, which recommends patients refrain from any physical or mental activities until all symptoms have disappeared. Then they slowly reintroduce activity, but if symptoms resume, they revert to the “rest” stage again. Carrick encourages his patients to rest immediately after the injury occurs, but then incorporates stimulation into the treatment, based on a “thorough neurological exam” that pinpoints their particular problems or symptoms as well as what brain functions are most viable. The stimulations might include eye or balance exercises, multi-tasking activities or body rotations. “We tailor our treatments very specifically to the individual,” says Carrick. “When we have an area that’s not working right, we look at other areas that can compensate for that if we need to, or we look at mechanisms to make those areas work right.”

6 thoughts on “Discovery Tracks Crosby’s Return to the NHL

  1. I doubt that’s the question on every canadians mind

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  3. Where can I find this on Bell TV and or Shaw Direct (Formerly Star Choice)?

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