College Football Rankings: November 20

If you didn’t watch college football last night, you missed out on one of the most thrilling nights in sports all year. Baylor beat Oklahoma and USC beat Oregon on ABC. Clemson also lost any hopes of the BCS Championship. Here are my new college football rankings after a crazy Saturday.

1. Louisiana State (SEC) – 11-0
2. Alabama (SEC) – 10-1
3. Arkansas (SEC) – 10-1
4. Stanford (Pac-12) – 10-1
5. Virginia Tech (ACC) – 10-1
6. Oklahoma State (Big 12) – 10-1
7. Houston (C-USA) – 11-0
8. Georgia (SEC) – 9-2
9. Boise State (MWC) – 9-1
10. Oregon (Pac-12) – 9-2
11. Michigan State (Big Ten) – 9-2
12. Oklahoma (Big 12) – 8-2
13. Kansas State (Big 12) – 9-2
14. South Carolina (SEC) – 9-2
15. Clemson (ACC) – 9-2
16. Wisconsin (Big Ten) – 9-2
17. Michigan (Big Ten) – 9-2
18. Baylor (Big 12) – 7-3
19. Texas Christian (MWC) – 9-2
20. Penn State (Big Ten) – 9-2
21. Nebraska (Big Ten) – 8-3
22. Auburn (SEC) – 7-4
23. Notre Dame – 8-3
24. Georgia Tech (ACC) – 8-3
25. Tulsa (C-USA) – 8-3

Dropped: Southern Miss, Florida State

6 thoughts on “College Football Rankings: November 20

  1. What a weekend it was indeed, starting with OK St’s loss on Friday night and Lee Corso’s f-bomb live at the end of College Gameday. RGIII’s late 4th quarter TD pass was the icing on the cake.

    I hope we see an LSU-Bama rematch in the BCS title game (assuming LSU can get past Arkansas and Georgia).

    • I really don’t want to see Alabama in the BCS Championship Game to be honest. I’m a believer that you should have to win your conference to play in it. It will bother me even more if LSU (or Arkansas) lose to Georgia in the SEC Championship, and then Alabama gets the spot (of course, Alabama will have played one less game than the SEC West champ).

      I’m still holding out for Stanford or Oklahoma State to make it. If OK State win out, I think they have a good chance.

    • I missed Lee Corso’s f bomb at the end of College Gameday last Saturday. I know that this weekend is going to be awesome in college football. There’s the Arkansas @ LSU game this Friday. Alabama @ Auburn in the Iron Bowl and many more great games. I am against an LSU/Alabama rematch in the BCS title game. I don’t think it’s right that a rematch should take place for a BCS title game.

  2. Any word on a bowl broadcast schedule yet? I know TSN has a few up on their site now but anything from The Score yet?

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