CBC to Broadcast Crosby’s Return to NHL

CBC Sports has announced that a special edition of Hockey Night in Canada will air tomorrow night, Monday November 21. Sidney Crosby will play his first NHL game since January 5th as he returns from a concussion as the New York Islanders visit the Pittsburgh Penguins. The broadcast starts at 7pm ET, with puckdrop around 7:10pm ET. Ron MacLean will host the broadcast from CBC studios in Toronto. Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson and Glenn Healy will be in Pittsburgh to call the game.

16 thoughts on “CBC to Broadcast Crosby’s Return to NHL

  1. Interesting. Did not think CBC would do that on such short notice. Would’ve thought that NHL Network, if anyone, would broadcast it and just pick up MSG or ROOT Sports feed. Will CBC be able to get a HD truck there in time, or will it just be in SD?

  2. Any word if Versus will be broadcasting this game?

  3. Cool. CBC picking up the Islanders-Penguins game gives me something else to watch if the Chiefs-Patriots game becomes one sided.

  4. Versus is picking up the game in the U.S. with Dave Strader and Pierre McGuire. It is blowing off Boston vs. Montreal, which I’m not happy. But I’m also not surprised.

    At least the NHL Network already was picking up Pittsburgh at Montreal on Saturday. I would assume the CBC map for Canada will change for that game, even with Edmonton and Winnipeg playing in the early slot.

    • I don’t think it will. The Oilers-Avalanche game is still important to Alberta & BC; same with the Jets in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

      • Good point. I thought there was one Jets game this year that just went to Manitoba. Will be curious to see whether BC will get the Oilers or Crosby. Crosby has a crazy effect on TV coverage here in the States.

        • The game on Oct. 30 Jets at Lightning was for Manitoba. It was for Sask and part of Ontario but it was switched for the Penguins at Leafs. The same went for BC that was to get the Bruins at Habs but got the Penguins at Leafs.

      • The HNIC Flames-Leafs game back on October 15 was not shown in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. It was early in the season but the Flames are a big rival of the Canucks. The distribution may change for those two provinces, it will be wait and see along with the many requests viewers the CBC will get.

        • Thanks for making me feel like I’m not crazy. We’ll have to see where the CBC takes Pittsburgh this week.

          Was somewhat surprised the U.S. didn’t get Alex Ovechkin in Toronto, instead we got Rangers-Canadiens. Amusingly, in Chicago, we got Capitals-Maple Leafs instead of the rebroadcast of Chicago-Edmonton.

  5. that’s cool. I’m on assignment in Maine, so I will have to watch on Versus. and I think the Bruins game will be on NESN. off topic, I am kind of annoyed that here they have Radio-canada and TVA on cable, but not CBC.

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