NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 11

Here is the Canadian TV schedule for week 10 of the 2011 NFL season.

Thursday November 17
8:00pm, NY Jets @ Denver – Sportsnet

Sunday November 20
1:00pm, Tampa Bay @ Green Bay – CTV Atlantic, Ottawa, Northern Ontario, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Alberta
1:00pm, Buffalo @ Miami – CTV Montreal, Toronto, Southwestern Ontario
1:00pm, Cincinnati @ Baltimore – CTV British Columbia
4:05pm, Tennessee @ Atlanta – SN Ontario, West, Pacific
4:15pm, Chicago @ San Diego – Citytv, SN East
8:20pm, Philadelphia @ NY Giants – TSN, NBC, RDS

Monday November 21
8:30pm, Kansas City @ New England – TSN, RDS2

And here are the Sunday afternoon listings for CBS and Fox courtesy of the506.

10 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 11

  1. Oh good, Packers playing a day/night doubleheader on Sunday!

  2. GO PACK GO!! I love the fact only one game of the Packers have not been on TV against Carolina. I hope it continues like that because the champs deserves to be on TV all the time.

    • It looks pretty good. Obviously GB-DET is on Fox next week, GB-NYG should be on Fox and/or Sportsnet, the Christmas day game against Chicago is on NBC and the week 17 game against Detroit will probably be on one channel or another (NBC is Green Bay is 15-0). I’m not sure about the games against Oakland and Kansas City though.

      • I think the Raiders-Packers game will be shown in many places, especially if the Raiders record is above 500.

        • CBS also has Kansas City-NY Jets and New England-Washington that Sunday. Those two will probably air on the Buffalo, Vermont and Boston stations, and CTV stations Ontario-east. The Lions play at home, so CBS Detroit can’t show it. That leaves the western Canadian stations and CBS Seattle/Spokane.

          Of course, there is a strong possibility it becomes CBS’s 4:15 game, which would mean high distribution in the US and coverage on Citytv/Sportsnet in Canada.

      • Hi! I am going to be in Canada (Sainte-Marie, QC) this week- big Green Bay game on Thursday for me, as I hail from Wisconsin!!! I need help- how can I find out it the game will be broadcast up there??? Can someone give me an idea how to find out? Thanks!

    • It should be like that all the time unless the champs do poorly.

  3. Two thumbs up on the games CTV and Sportsnet will be showing. All other games on american time shifters are not great.

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