NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 9

Here is the Canadian TV schedule for week 9 of the 2011 NFL season.

Sunday November 6
1:00pm, NY Jets @ Buffalo – CTV Atlantic, Montreal, Ontario (except Ottawa)
1:00pm, Seattle @ Dallas – CTV Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia
1:00pm, Tampa Bay @ New Orleans – CTV Ottawa; TSN2; RDS
4:15pm, Green Bay @ San Diego – Citytv Winnipeg, Alberta, Vancouver; SN East, Ontario; RDS
4:15pm, NY Giants @ New England – Citytv Toronto; SN West, Pacific
8:20pm, Baltimore @ Pittsburgh – NBC, TSN, RDS

Monday November 7
8:30pm, Chicago @ Philadelphia – TSN, RDS2

And here are the Sunday afternoon listings for CBS and Fox courtesy of the506.

3 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 9

  1. A great improvement in games to watch this week. Two exciting early games, the AFC East and NFC South, take your pick. The Seahawks-Cowboys is the weak link. Too bad the 49ers-Redskins isn’t offered on any Canada or US timeshifter. Same goes for the 2 late games.

  2. It’s going to be awesome to have access to both the Jets-Bills & Buccaneers-Saints games in the Ottawa area this week. WFXT (Fox Boston) was originally going to show the 49ers-Redskins game but they switched to the Buccaneers-Saints game. It doesn’t end there… Packers-Chargers & Giants-Patriots are going to be AWESOME games! Even better because those who subscribe to BellTV and don’t get the Sportsnet channels will be able to see both of these games either through CityTV or the Boston and/or Seattle Fox stations. On another note, Broncos-Raiders will be shown by KIRO 7 in Seattle. Ravens-Steelers on Sunday Night Football will be fun after how the Ravens pounded the Steelers on opening weekend. It will be a huge night in Pittsburgh with emotions running very high. Bears-Eagles on Monday Night will be very entertaining. Will the Bears defense get gashed by the Eagles running game, will Matt Forte run for huge gains on the Eagles defense, will the Bears defense shut down Michael Vick for a second year in a row? Lots of things could happen.

    This Sunday & Monday Night will be an AWESOME week for football!!!!

    • SNF and MNF games are as you say awesome. Broncos-Raiders is also on KREM Spokane for those who get that station on timeshifters. I have heard that KIRO may switch to the Bengals-Titans game as they have done earlier this season because of Hasslebeck.

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