Hockey Night in Canada Distrubution: November 2011

Here is where each Hockey Night in Canada regional game will be shown this November.

November 5
Boston @ Toronto – Atlantic, Ontario, Alberta, BC
Montreal @ NY Rangers – Quebec
Winnipeg @ New Jersey – Manitoba, Saskatchewan, NW Ontario
Buffalo @ Ottawa – Ottawa

November 12
Ottawa @ Toronto – Atlantic, Ontario, Alberta, BC
Montreal @ Nashville – Quebec
Winnipeg @ Columbus – Manitoba, Saskatchewan, NW Ontario

November 19
Washington @ Toronto – National (except Quebec)
NY Rangers @ Montreal – Quebec

November 26
Pittsburgh @ Montreal – Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario
Edmonton @ Colorado – Alberta, BC
Winnipeg @ Boston – Manitoba, Saskatchewan, NW Ontario


8 thoughts on “Hockey Night in Canada Distrubution: November 2011

  1. Leafs, Leafs, Leafs. Change it up once in a while and give the Habs or Sens national distribution.

    • Fully agree with you 100%. If only the Senators hadn’t choked against the Devils in the 2003 Eastern Conference Finals, then just maybe the national distribution would be different today… Using this as an example: the fact that they showed the Penguins-Leafs game instead of the Bruins-Habs in Atlantic Canada last weekend was downright pathetic.

      • You are correct nationscapital. The Bruins at Canadiens distribution was brutal. There is simply no excuse for that game to have been regionalized to the province of Quebec. The ratings that those two teams provided for the CBC in the playoffs should be the reason that this rivalry has to be televised nationally on Saturdays during the regular season.

        The other reason for that game to be on nation wide is that the Bruins are the defending Stanley Cup champions. The Bruins are on HNIC five times this season and with what transpired this past Saturday, they will probably be the national game only twice when they play the Leafs. The next Leafs-Bruins game is on Saturday, December 3 from Boston. The other times are when they play in Winnipeg later this month and in Ottawa in February.

        Using the CBC logic this past Saturday, the distribution for this Saturday should have the Canadiens at NY Rangers being the national game with the Bruins at Leafs regionalized to most of Ontario.

        For November 12, British Columbia and Alberta should see either of the other two games because those games have western conference teams involved.

        I agree with the how the games on November 19 are distributed.

        For November 26, British Columbia should see either of the other two games. The Edmonton at Colorado game should start three hours later as it would allow for a split telecast during the second half of the doubleheader.

        • On November 12th, I agree with you that British Columbia & Alberta should see one of the other two games. Personally, I would recommend that they show the Canadiens-Predators game. If you call the CBC and several people are doing the same, they might change the game assignment in those regions.

          November 19th, I think that the distribution is good. Though I’m thinking that parts of Atlantic Canada (and maybe Ottawa) should get the Rangers-Canadiens game.

          November 26th, British Columbia is getting the Oilers-Avalanche game at the moment. If for whatever reason the CBC decides to switch the assignment, then B.C. should get the Jets-Bruins game and not the Penguins-Canadiens game. Call the CBC and if several people do the same, B.C. should stay with either the Oilers-Avalanche or they will at least get the Jets-Bruins game. Also, Edmonton @ Colorado starting at 7 pm (5 pm in Denver) is a little strange. I agree with you that there should be a split telecast at 10 pm that night. It would be a good thing to do this because when Winnipeg is playing in the Western Conference next season, there might be a good chance that we will see a handful of split distribution telecasts for the 10 pm games on Hockey Night In Canada.

  2. NHL Network in the U.S. is scheduled to give us the Habs instead of the Leafs on November 5.

    • Excellent! Hopefully the NHL Network in the United States stays with the Canadiens-Rangers game and they don’t pull a switch later on during the week.

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