NHL Canadian TV Schedule: October 10-16

A new feature this week, a weekly NHL TV schedule for Canadian channels, both regional and national. All commentators are courtesy of a list published on Puck the Media. It includes all regional and national broadcasts. Regional restrictions apply to broadcasts in italics. National broadcasts are in bold.

Monday October 10
2:00pm, Calgary Flames @ St. Louis Blues – SN West

7:00pm, Tampa Bay Lightning @ Washington Capitals – TSN2, RIS
Mike Emrick & Pierre McGuire (Versus feed)

7:00pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Columbus Blue Jackets – SN Pacific

Tuesday October 11
7:30pm, Minnesota Wild @ Ottawa Senators – TSN, TVA Sports
Gord Miller & Mike Johnson

7:30pm, Florida Panthers @ Pittsburgh Penguins – TSN2, RIS
Dave Strader & Brian Engblom (Versus feed)

Wednesday October 12
7:30pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Philadelphia Flyers – TSN, RIS
Chris Cuthbert & Ray Ferraro

7:30pm, Boston Bruins @ Carolina Hurricanes – TSN2
Mike Emrick, Ed Olczyk & Pierre McGuire (Versus feed)

Thursday October 13
7:30pm, Calgary Flames @ Montreal Canadiens – TSN-Habs, SN Flames, RDS

7:30pm, Colorado Avalanche @ Ottawa Senators – SN East

8:00pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Detroit Red Wings – SN Vancouver

8:00pm, Edmonton Oilers @ Minnesota Wild – SN West

8:30pm, Winnipeg Jets @ Chicago Blackhawks – TSN
Gord Miller & Ray Ferraro

Friday October 14
7:30pm, Carolina Hurricanes @ Buffalo Sabres – NHL Network

10:00pm, San Jose Sharks @ Anaheim Ducks – NHL Network

Saturday October 15
7:00pm, Calgary Flames @ Toronto Maple Leafs – CBC (Alberta, Ontario, Atlantic)
Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Glenn Healy; David Amber

7:00pm, Winnipeg Jets @ Phoenix Coyotes – CBC (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, NW Ontario)
Rick Ball & Kevin Weekes; Mitch Peacock

7:00pm, Colorado Avalanche @ Montreal Canadiens – CBC (Quebec), RDS
Bob Cole & Gary Galley; Cassie Campbell-Pascal

7:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ Washington Capitals – CBC (Ottawa)
Dean Brown & Greg Millen; Bruce Rainnie

10:00pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Edmonton Oilers – CBC
Mark Lee, Daryl Reaugh; Scott Oake

Sunday October 16
8:00pm, St. Louis Blues @ Anaheim Ducks – NHL Network

11 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Schedule: October 10-16

  1. Don’t forget the late HNIC game on Saturday, Josh.

  2. Did everyone see the Flames-Blues game or highlights? Last season’s on screen graphics were being used. The Canucks game had the new graphics and so did the Oilers and Senators games over the weekend.

    • I noticed that. I like Sportsnet’s new graphics, but not the scorebug. I think they’re too plain.

      • Agreed. The scorebug makes it feel like your watching an ECHL game on a network that broadcasts one game a year, rather than an NHL game on a network that broadcasts 200 a year.

        • I like the SNET scoreboard bug! Wish the “SPORTSNET” section of it wasn’t so big. Just a SN would be good. CBC’s scoreboard bug is currently my favorite then SNET then TSN out of the CDN 3.

          Also reminder that NHL Centre Ice freeview to October 23.

  3. Wait so are you getting rid of the Sports on Canadian TV listings in favour of all these NHL, NCAA, NFL weekly schedules?? Because I really enjoyed it all in one spot in the Sports on Canadian TV listings. (Although I do enjoy the NFL guide.)

    • Probably not. Just trying a few new things. Sports on Canadian TV will return for the weekend, I think I might get rid of the weekday edition. Maybe I’ll put it to a poll.

      The reason there wasn’t one for this week is because I haven’t had the time with the long weekend and the time I needed to put into the Don Cherry thing.

      • No!!! Please don’t get rid of the weekday listings! Some of us enjoy watching multiple sports, and being able to see them all in one place is great, much easier to figure out what to give priority viewing to.

  4. I really like the Friday night NHL Network twin bill and the Sunday nighter too. The only games in the league on those nights!

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