CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Distribution for October

CBC has released the distribution for Hockey Night in Canada for the month of October. Here is the distribution for CBC’s regional coverage this month.

Saturday October 15
Calgary @ Toronto – Alberta, Ontario, Atlantic
Colorado @ Montreal – Quebec
Ottawa @ Washington – Ottawa
Winnipeg @ Phoenix – Manitoba, Saskatchewan, BC, Northwestern Ontario

Saturday October 22
Toronto @ Montreal – Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic, Alberta, BC
Columbus @ Ottawa – Ottawa
Carolina @ Winnipeg – Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwestern Ontario

Saturday October 29
Pittsburgh @ Toronto – Ontario, Alberta
Boston @ Montreal – Quebec, Atlantic, BC
Winnipeg @ Tampa Bay – Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwestern Ontario

So, it seems like all Jets games will go to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario. I’m quite surprised by the October 15 listings, Calgary @ Toronto would seem to make more sense in Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario to be honest. The Flames share Saskatchewan with Winnipeg and the Leafs share Northern Ontario with Winnipeg. I also don’t understand why the game isn’t being shown in BC, when the Flames are the Canucks rivals. Since it is an all-Canadian matchup (featuring the Leafs no less), it should get maximum distribution.

Otherwise, everything makes sense; aside from British Columbia getting Boston @ Montreal, while Alberta gets Pittsburgh @ Toronto.


9 thoughts on “CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Distribution for October

  1. Northwestern Ontario gets its CBC feed out of Winnipeg anyway (or at least they used to…)

  2. You know, I’ve been one of the loudest critics of CBC’s distribution choices for a long time, but I actually think these choices are all fair! I think releasing them on a monthly basis is a good idea, for the start of the season.

    • I agree that the games to the various areas is good. The canadian matchup hasn’t always been shown nationally. Yes, the Flames are the Canucks rival but as we know many west of Ontario don’t want to see the Leafs. The new Jets vs. old Jets is a fun matchup and should be seen in BC. Someone could say the Avs vs. Habs game should be on in BC because the Avs are in the Canucks division. The Oct. 22 games are right on. Alberta should get the Bruins vs. Habs game on Oct. 29. It’s the best rivalry.

  3. Only quibble I have is an old one: Atlantic Canada is not Leaf territory. CBC should get out of the business of effectively promoting the Leafs outside their territory. Put the Habs on in Atlantic Canada.

    • I’d agree, but the Leafs are just as popular as Montreal here. So, if you think about it, CBC makes it so the two teams have about the same amount of games broadcast here.

      • No way, the Leafs have been shown the majority of the time in Atlantic provinces. Most of the regional HNIC Habs games were shown to Quebec only.

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  5. i wonder what % of ppl have satellite or digital cable so they get the various CBC feeds regardless of what home market is

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