Sportsnet Signs Scott Morrison

Rogers Sportsnet has made the sports broadcasting acquisition of the summer, in my opinion. Sportsnet announced today that Scott Morrison will be joining the network this fall. Morrison will become Sportsnet’s executive producer of hockey. He will also appear as an insider on HockeyCentral, Connected and Sportsnet Radio. In addition, Morrison will write for and Sportsnet Magazine.

Morrison was under-used at CBC. He should have been a regular on CBC’s Hotstove, instead of Glenn Healy or Mike Milbury. The iDesk segment was a joke, and its no wonder that Marek and Morrison left it for Sportsnet. Now that both are gone, CBC should just scrap the idea.

Morrison is the third member of Hockey Night in Canada to leave CBC this summer. Sportsnet also hired Morrison’s iDesk co-host Jeff Marek earlier this summer. Pierre Lebrun left CBC for TSN in July. CBC went from having two of the best insiders in the business in June, to have no insiders whatsoever now. They need to make a huge signing in the next three weeks, or their studio will have taken a step backwards this summer. CBC is lacking in good studio commentators, and these moves may mean we see more PJ Stock, which isn’t good.

Sportsnet now has a true insider who can compete with TSN’s trio of Lebrun, Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger. This should give them some credibility on trade deadline day. Marek will be a great addition to that coverage as well. 6 months ago, I would have been completely against Sportsnet taking NHL rights away from TSN. Now I’m starting to warm up to it a bit.

Here is a quote from Scott Woodgate, Vice-President of News and Information Programming, Rogers Sportsnet:

Scott Morrison’s leadership and proven track record in hockey helps raise the bar on all four of our platforms. Adding him to our roster bolsters our ability to break news and to tell great stories.

And a quote from Scott Morrison:

I am pleased to be joining a great team. It feels like in many ways I am coming home again. I look forward to successfully growing the hockey brand on all four platforms.


6 thoughts on “Sportsnet Signs Scott Morrison

  1. Sportsnet finally turning around. Took them long enough but when Scott Moore came back that was a good sign. When he left years ago that was the start of the decline.  

    Watched ‘Connected’ for 1st time in a while. Now that still needs lot of improvement. I’m thinking they are waiting till hockey season starts to do anything with that. Especially with Morrison hire.

    Wondering if a CBC/Rogers bid for HNIC is coming. They worked together on soccer this past summer. CBC would have a sports channel on their side. Rogers bid on their own would be lacking a network. TSN could use CTV for the Finals. Don’t think CITY-TV is big enough for NHL’s liking.

    Although NHL signed a 10 year US tv deal which I thought was way too long. So they might do something strange.

  2. Definitely a big move but, it is Morrison returning to Sportsnet. He has already worked at Sportsnet for 5 years until 2006.

  3. CBC does have Wharnsby and Friedman. While Friedman is more of a reporter, he has lots of inside knowledge. Wharnsby has been wasted as he never makes any on air appearances. They may have no choice anymore.

    I echo the idea that CBC and Rogers will bid together. I’ve thought that ever since Moore and Pelley went there. I don’t think they went there just to have regional games. They need something big.

  4. I’d like to see Friedman and Eric Frances step up – they both have credible insider knowledge and bring a certain level of classic professionalism that we’ve come to expect from CBC. That’s said, if they bring back Al Strachan I’m never watching HNIC again.

  5. The thing about Friedman is, I don’t want to see them remove him as a reporter to make him a Hotstove only guy. They kind of did that a few years back where I think he’d leave the ACC after the 1st period some weeks to go to CBC studios to do the Hotstove. His reporting, especially during the playoffs, is great. I would be quite okay with having him join remotely every week though. It would seem either him or Wharnsby will have to replace Lebrun. I think Wharnsby will probably get Morrison’s old gig at the iDesk.

  6. IMO Friedman’s one of the best reporters in the business – bar-none the best in hockey. His Inside Hockey segments are phenomenal and he takes his responsibilities as a reporter very seriously. Over the years he’s been able to make the necessary connections in the game to warrant Hotstove status while still not taking himself too seriously (a la Milbury and Strachan). In a perfect world, like you mentioned, he’d join remotely.

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