NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 1

Week 1 of the 2011 NFL season is upon, it begins Thursday night in Green Bay. Here is your guide to what games you can watch in Canada week 1.

Thursday 9/8, 8:30pm – New Orleans @ Green Bay – TSN, NBC
Sunday 9/11, 1:00pm – Philadelphia @ St. Louis – CTV Atlantic, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg
Sunday 9/11, 1:00pm – Pittsburgh @ Baltimore – CTV Ottawa, Northern Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC
Sunday 9/11, 1:00pm – Buffalo @ Kansas City – CTV Southwestern Ontario
Sunday 9/11, 1:00pm – Atlanta @ Chicago – TSN2
Sunday 9/11, 4:15pm – NY Giants @ Washington – Citytv Toronto, Winnipeg, Alberta; S-Net East, Pacific
Sunday 9/11, 4:15pm – Seattle @ San Francisco – Citytv Vancouver; S-Net Ontario, West
Sunday 9/11, 8:15pm – Dallas @ NY Jets – TSN, NBC, RDS
Monday 9/12, 7:00pm – Miami @ New England – TSN, RIS
Monday 9/12, 10:15pm – Oakland @ Denver – TSN

And here are maps of what games will be available on each US station, courtesy of the506.

12 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 1

  1. I realize that NFL fans in Canada have it pretty good, but is there anyone in the country (other than a very small number of OTA viewers) who gets CityTV but not Sportsnet, or vice-versa? And so is there any reason that Sportsnet and CityTV couldn’t, between them, air all four late games on Sunday afternoon?

    Again, I know that NFL fans in Canada don’t have much to complain about (except *maybe* the lack of a team here), but it just feels like needless repetition to me.

    • To answer your question WhitehorseJosh, some in Canada do get CityTV on Bell TV but not Sportsnet (if they don’t order it). Quebec & Atlantic Canada do get Sportsnet however (someone from either Quebec or the Maritimes can correct me if I’m wrong) I don’t think they get CityTV unless they subscribe to a satellite or digital cable package.

      Sportsnet & CityTV do reverse mirror coverage. If you want to ask them why they can’t air between them all four late games on Sunday, you can contact them via email or you can talk to someone at Sportsnet between 9 am and 5 pm weekdays by calling their toll free number and pressing 0. Their number can be found here:

      I don’t have much to complain about being an NFL fan having lived in Canada all my life. As well, I don’t feel (and I don’t think) that we need an NFL team here in Canada to be quite honest. Others might have a different opinion though and to each their own.

    • 1. While most people do get both Sportsnet and City, not everyone has time shifting and all 4 regional feeds. 2. I’m not sure Rogers can show everything even if they wanted to, the deal might have just been for 2 of the late games. The NFL has to withhold something to give you a reason to buy Sunday Ticket.

      • That was my guess, too. That it was probably Rogers’ deal with the NFL preventing them from showing all the games.

    • I think the reason is actually that the NFL limits CTV/TSN2 to 4 games and Rogers to 2 games so they can keep the rest for Sunday Ticket. They wouldn’t want to deplete that package too much.

      • Is there any indication how many people in Canada buy Sunday Ticket, Josh? I just can’t imagine why anyone other than the most hardcore gamblers (or fans of obscure teams) would bother. I realize this week is slightly special with the two Monday night games, but other than that, it’s a pretty standard NFL week in Canada, right? And we’re getting 10 out of 16 games.

        That’s pretty amazing, and I have a hard time understanding why most people would lay out the cash for Sunday Ticket just for those few (usually lousy) games we don’t get.

        • I don’t really know. There are probably a decent amount. Shaw Direct subscribers can add Sunday Ticket to Centre Ice for an extra $25-30 a year (they have to subscribe from September-April). I’m sure many take advantage of that. Rogers, Cogeco and Eastlink subscribers get it as part of the Super Sports Pak, so again, there are probably quite a few there.

          I guess the NFL’s theory is that less people would subscribe to Sunday Ticket than currently do if there were fewer, lousier games on.

        • I have the rogers super sports pack and its a good value for $32 a month you get nfl sunday ticket/ncaa football/basketball/mlb extra innings/ohl action pack/nba league pass/nascar hot pass/

    • Josh, I have excellent news for you. Our American friends @ Fox decided to show Philadelphia@St.Louis game. I just hope you have enough TV’s in your household to watch all 3 games simultaneously!

      • I’ll be watching the Eagles game anyway. With some of the Steelers-Ravens at commercial break. Of the 3 HD channels I get (Fox Rochester, CTV Toronto, CBS Detroit), I’m getting 2 games in HD.

        I dropped the Seattle HD channels this year, and I won’t miss them in week 1.

  2. City TV in Calgary is showing Seattle-San Fran. Nice to see regional coverage includes showing the same game on RSW, Fox Seattle/Spokane, and CityTV!

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