Rogers Signs 3-year Deal with Canoe/Kayak Canada

Rogers Sportsnet has signed a broadcast deal with Canoe/Kayak Canada to show the World Canoe/Kayak Sprint and World Canoe/Kayak Slalom Championships this year ahead of the London Olympic Games. This year’s Canoe/Kayak Worlds serve as qualifying events for the London Olympics. Coverage has already began of the World Sprint Championships (note: I’m sorry for not posting this earlier, I was away). Sportsnet’s deal includes rights to both World Championship events, the Canoe Sprint World Cup, the Canoe Slalom Wolrd Cup and the Mazda Canoe/Kayak Knockout event, which takes place in September in Toronto.

Sportsnet is using the British Eurosport coverage of Canoe Sprint World Championships this weekend. Here is the broadcast schedule for the two World Championship events.

Canoe Sprint World Championships (Szeged, Hungary)
Friday 8/19, 10:00am ET on East/Ontario
Saturday 8/20, 9:00am ET on One
Sunday 8/21, 7:00am ET on One

Encore broadcasts
Friday 8/19, 7:00pm ET on East/Ontario/West/Pacific
Saturday 8/20, 3:00pm ET on East/Ontario/West/Pacific
Sunday 8/21, 2:00pm ET on Ontario; 5:00pm PT on Pacific

Canoe Slalom World Championships
Saturday 10/10, 6:00am on One
Sunday 10/11, 6:00am on One

Encore broadcasts
Monday 10/12, 3pm ET on East/Ontario*
Monday 10/12, 3pm MT on West*
Monday 10/12, 3:30pm PT on Pacific*

*These encores will two hour broadcasts that will combine Saturday and Sunday coverage.

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