CTV Olympic Hosts & Commentators Confirmed for Major Sports

Just one year and one day away from the start of Games of the XXX Olympiad in London Olympics, CTV has announced its hosts and commentators for the major sports at the games. You will notice a lot of former CBC analysts and many of the top play-by-play commentators from TSN and Sportsnet. Here is a full rundown of the commentators that were announced this morning

CTV Morning: Dave Randorf, Catriona Le May Doan
CTV Daytime: James Duthie, Jennifer Hedger
CTV Primetime: Brian Williams
TSN Morning: Jay Onrait, Dan O’Toole
TSN Daytime: Michael Landsberg
TSN Primetime: Darren Dutchyshen
Sportsnet Morning: Don Taylor
Sportsnet Afternoon: Darren Millard
Sportsnet Primetime: Brad Fay

Athletics: Gord Miller, Michael Smith, Dave Moorcroft
Rowing: Rob Faulds, Barney Williams, Marnie McBean (studio only)
Canoe/kayak: Rob Faulds, Larry Cain
Gymnastics: Rod Black, Kyle Shewfelt
Swimming: Rod Smith, Joanne Malar
Diving: Rod Smith, Blythe Hartley

The more glaring omission is Chris Cuthbert. It looks like TSN will be keeping him home to do CFL games. Otherwise, I love CTV’s choices, with many returning from CBC’s coverage of the 2008 Beijing games. The following French commentators were also announced

RDS Morning: Claude Mailhot
RDS Daytime: Alain Crête
RDS Primtime: Chantal Machabée
V Morning: Yanick Bouchard
V Daytime: Frédéric Plante
V Primetime: Jean Pagé

Athletics: Pierre Houde, Richard Garneau, Jean-Paul Baert, Bruny Surin
Rowing: David Arsenault, Daniel Aucoin
Canoe/kayak: David Arsenault, Maxime Boilard
Gymnastics: Claudine Douville, Bernard Petoit
Swimming: Denis Casavant, Yannick Lupien
Diving: Félix Séguin, Anne Pelletier
Synchronized Swimming: Claudine Douville, Marie-Pierre Gagné
Water Polo: Michel Lacroix, Ann Dow

CTV also announced this morning that the consortium will combine to bring Canadians over 5000 hours of coverage on TV, online and on mobile devices. Popular features from CTV’s Vancouver 2010 coverage, such as Superbodies, How Tough Are These Sports and Difference Makers with Rick Hanson will all return.

CTV Olympic Broadcast Consortium Adam Ashton said this:

At the Consortium, we have both the responsibility and the privilege to share the stories of London 2012 with all Canadians. Our diverse and experienced broadcast team are prepared to deliver the extraordinary stories of the world’s best, with the care and accuracy they deserve


7 thoughts on “CTV Olympic Hosts & Commentators Confirmed for Major Sports

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  2. James Duthie & Jennifer Hedger don’t work well together. Jennifer seems stiff and unrelated. Poor matchup.

    • I like Duthie and Hedger a lot more than Duthie and LaFlamme. James has almost entered Scott Russell territory with his knowledge of these sports. I’m amazed considering he covers hockey most of the year.

  3. Swimming announcers are terrible. Constantly making errors. Should have used Byron Macdonald.

  4. Please make Bythe Hartley stop speaking….didn’t know we had whiny valley girls in Canada

  5. I watch the soccer game Canada vs USA the teams were great the refs on other hand were terrible and the y should be ashamed of themselves it was very one side

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