Sportsnet Adds Jeff Marek, Officially

Jeff Marek has officially joined Rogers Sportsnet. In an interview with Primetime Sports with Bob McCown, Marek said the deal was only finalized this morning. Marek, formerly of Hockey Night in Canada and HNIC Radio, will be a host on Sportsnet’s HockeyCentral. It is likely he will split these duties with Darren Millard and maybe RJ Broadhead. Marek will also write a column for He will be a key component of Sportsnet’s NHL coverage should try wrestle rights away from TSN in a few years time. Marek is just the latest big signing by Sportsnet, following Gregg Zaun, Stephen Brunt, Damien Cox, Michael Grange and Shi Davidi.

Marek had this to say about joining Sportsnet

I’m excited to be joining a company with as much positive momentum as Rogers Sportsnet. They have a strong creative vision for all their platforms and I am thrilled to be part of all of them.

And Scott Woodgate, Vice-President of News, Rogers Sportsnet said this

Bringing the talents of Jeff Marek to Rogers Sportsnet is a tremendous addition for us. Jeff will be a major asset on the multiple Sportsnet platforms that we continue to deliver to fans.


3 thoughts on “Sportsnet Adds Jeff Marek, Officially

  1. Marek also wants to get into the MMA side of things at SportsNet.

  2. This probably negatively affects his appearances on Puck Daddy radio. That’s unfortunate.

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