Marc Denis to Work Habs Games on RDS in 2011-12

Getting caught up on some loose ends after a very busy June. So, expect some posts to be appearing that look like they are up to a month old. I’ll try to keep unimportant posts to a minimum though. So, let’s start with a (loose) English translation of RDS’s press release announcing Marc Denis will replace Benoit Brunet as the analyst on Montreal Canadiens broadcasts next season.

Mark Denis will replace Benoit Brunet as the game analyst on Montreal Canadiens broadcasts for the 2011-12 season. Brunet will remain with RDS as a pundit on Canadiens intermission reports and the studio show Hockey 360. Denis, who has been with RDS for two seasons, will become RDS’s main hockey analyst, working all 82 Canadiens games, the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Stanley Cup Final with Pierre Houde. This will be Houde’s 22nd season as the main hockey commentator on RDS.

Domenic Vannelli, Vice-President Production, RDS said:

Over the past two years Marc has demonstrated a full range of skills and a good balance between hockey analysis and a talent for communicating. We are confident that he is ready for this challenge and that hockey fans will appreciate his knowledge and dynamic approach.

And Marc Denis said:

It is a real privilege to accompany viewers during Canadiens games and I am delighted to join Pierre Houde [in the broadcast booth] as an analyst. I have taken no other commitments and I will approach this new role fully aware of the work, rigour and passion it requires

And Benoit Brunet said:

After three years of following the Canadiens on the road, RDS has offered me the opportunity to continue to work with the team as a [studio] commentator for all games in addition to expressing my views on a regular basis on Hockey 360. I will be in the heat of the action, remaining close to my family and friends and I am very happy.

And finally, Vannelli on Brunet:

We are proud to keep a guy like Benoit Brunet in our ranks. Benoit is not only a man of hockey, but he is also a man of opinion who is not influenced by others. And [he can] look at hockey informed; [he] will remain a valuable asset to all aspects of the game [sharing his] knowledge with our viewers.

For those keeping score at home, both TSN and RDS will have a new #1 analyst for the upcoming season. Also, I apologize in advance if I misquoted any of M. Denis, M. Brunet or M. Vannelli. I did my best to translate, but a couple of things said may have been lost in translation.

2 thoughts on “Marc Denis to Work Habs Games on RDS in 2011-12

  1. Josh this may be unrelated but who do you think will win the 2018 Olympics?

    • I was up early to watch the bids this morning (hence why I posted this so early…), I think Korea has it. They had Kim Yu-Na present their bid and it was great. Imagine if at the Vancouver Olympics everything was within the distance of Vancouver to Cypress, instead of Whistler. It is much better than the logistical nightmare of Annecy and I just don’t think Munich has enough support.

      I think that the way everything is setup will be great for TV. I know CBC had problems getting back and forth between Turin and the mountain venues in 2006 because of the distance. Same would be true for athletes and fans.

      I think that small cities generally work best for the Winter Games. Salt Lake and Nagano were great. I’m sure Sochi will be too. Vancouver was an exception to that rule.

      Could be good for Quebec City. That leaves 2022 for Europe probably, then 2026 for North America?

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