Copa America: Starts Canada Day on theScore

As was announced a few weeks ago, theScore will English-language coverage of Copa America in Canada this July. Copa America is one of the largest international association football competitions in the world, pitting the best countries from South America against each other. This year’s tournament takes place in Argentina, with the final at the 58, 000 seat River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires. The under-23 teams of Mexico and Costa Rica will also be present as special invites. James Sharman and Kristian Jack, of the Footy Show, will call all the action on theScore.

Here is a quote from Greg Sansone, Vice President, Television, Score Media Inc.

We’re thrilled to be showcasing a quality soccer tournament like Copa America on theScore and we’re especially excited about having James Sharman and Kristian Jack calling all the action.

Here is theScore’s broadcast schedule. All games are also available in Spanish on Euroworld Sport and TLN en Espanol.
Friday 7/1, 10:00pm – Argentina vs. Bolivia
Sunday 7/3, 3:00pm – Brazil vs. Venezuela
Wednesday 7/6, 8:45pm – Argentina vs. Colombia
Thursday 7/7, 8:45pm – Bolivia vs. Costa Rica
Saturday 7/9, 3:00pm – Brazil vs. Paraguay
Tuesday 7/12, 8:45pm – Uruguay vs. Mexico
Wednesday 7/13, 8:45pm – Brazil vs. Ecuador
Saturday 7/16, 3:00pm – Quarterfinal #1
Saturday 7/16, 6:15pm – Quarterfinal #2
Sunday 7/17, 3:00pm – Quarterfinal #3
Sunday 7/17, 6:15pm – Quarterfinal #4
Tuesday 7/19, 8:45pm – Semifinal #1
Wednesday 7/20, 8:45pm – Semifinal #2
Saturday 7/23, 3:00pm – 3rd Place Game
Sunday 7/24, 3:00pm – Championship Game

12 thoughts on “Copa America: Starts Canada Day on theScore

  1. Much better than Women’s World Cup.

    • I kind of like the Women’s World Cup. There is a certain amateur aspect to it that I like. Knowing that this is the biggest event (aside from the Olympics) that these athletes will ever take part in and that they aren’t paid means something.

      Copa America should be great though. Easily the most exciting sports event this summer in my opinion.

  2. you made a mistake its in Argentina not in Uruguay

  3. It will be a succes0 due the huge latinamerican community in Canada.

    • People who have no connection to these countries are interested too. The South American countries are at a high right now with Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and even Chile and Paraguay having very good teams.

      I have friends who are from/live in Brazil, so I guess I’m cheering for them.

  4. Just so you know, The Score will not show these games live but on delay by a few hours. Today’s game starts at 5:45pm pacific time but on the score from 5-7 is wrestling and the game is shown afterwards.

    The score is the worst thing that happened to soccer fans in Canada. They’re the bastards that screwed everyone a couple of years ago by selling out to Setanta.

    • Only tonight’s game is on tape delay. The rest are live.

      How is theScore the worst thing to happen to Canadian soccer fans? Its not that they “sold out” to Setanta, ScoreMedia simply doesn’t have the money that Rogers does. I consider theScore the best thing to happen to soccer in Canada. Copa America wouldn’t even be on in English if not for them. The Footy Show is one of the few studio shows that I watch too.

  5. So where can i watch todays game?

  6. It would be nice if all the’s could be included in this.. Like the Euro-Cup it could be the America’s version of it…. It would help teams like Canada and the United States compete with some of the worlds best. It would also make football (soccer) more popular in North America.

    Just a thought

    • I agree. I like keeping all 10 South American teams automatically qualified, but I’d like to see 6 invites from the rest of the Americas. And for them to hold it on a year without the Gold Cup so the top players could play. Maybe take the 4 semifinalists from the previous year’s Gold Cup and then have a qualifying tournament for the other two spots.

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