Stanley Cup Final Record Tied, Not Broken

In a bit of a surprise, game of the Stanley Cup Final on CBC Saturday night had an average rating of 5.6 million viewers. This is even with with game 1 did last Wednesday. It comes as a bit of a surprise because Saturday night games are usually higher rated than others. This is enough to make me wonder if 5.6 is the max we will see for the Stanley Cup Final. Personally I don’t think so. CBC won’t have any competition from NBC today or Wednesday, which might marginally push their number up (by 100, 000 viewers or so). I also think that any game where Vancouver can clinch will average over 6 million. If the Bruins come back and push the series to 6 or 7 games, then we would see even better than that.

The game peaked at 7.7 million viewers. I think that the moment the Canucks clinch the Cup (if they do) will peak at over 10 million. The pregame attracted an average of 1.6 million with 3.7 million watching the postgame.


What do you think?

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