A Tidbit on CTV’s 2012 Olympic Coverage

I noticed this in CTV’s upfront announcement for the 2011-12 TV season this afternoon. I’ve bolded the important parts.

London 2012

From Fall to mid-season, CTV has the best new programming covered. And then we turn our attention to Summer and the biggest event of the year.

London 2012 will be Canada’s greatest Summer Games ever, and Canadians can experience the action, emotion and exhilaration with more than 5,000 hours of coverage, led by CTV’s suite of media assets, including TSN and RDS. CTV will once again deliver the power of choice, giving viewers the opportunity to watch what they want, when they want and how they want.

Whether it’s on television, online or on the go, CTV’s unrivalled storytelling will bring Canada’s dynamic team to the forefront, as Canada is poised for its best medal performance ever at a fully-attended Summer Games. CTV’s robust digital viewing experience includes live coverage, highlights and full replays from the state-of-the-art video player featuring HD and PVR capabilities, as well as on-the-go viewing with mobile devices plus far-reaching social media integration that best serves Canadians’ evolving lifestyle and daily routine.

EURO 2012 Qualifying

Just a reminder that qualifying for EURO 2012 will air on TSN and Sportsnet this afternoon. TSN has Germany-Austria at 2:25pm ET and Sportsnet has Italy-Estonia at 2:30pm ET. Both games are live.


2 thoughts on “A Tidbit on CTV’s 2012 Olympic Coverage

  1. Have any idea when CTV will reveal commentator and host information? I am very anxious to see what commentators will be assigned to what events.

    • No idea for sure, but I expect their new site to launch in July (1 year before the Opening Ceremonies). They might announce their commentating crews then. I wouldn’t be surprised if they waited until next spring though. There isn’t quite the hype around the London Olympics as there was around the Vancouver Olympics. I plan to really look into the choices they have sometime in July, so watch out for that.

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