Some more NHL Playoff Ratings

Here are your NHL Playoff ratings for the first few days of the second round. I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything this week, but I’ve been very busy. I promise their will be something tomorrow or Saturday. It will probably be a review of TSN, Sportsnet and Setanta’s Champions League coverage.

You can now see a full report of first round games here. And as always, thanks to’s Remote Control blog for making these publoc.

Nashville-Vancouver (CBC)
Game 1, Thu 4/28: 1.77 million
Game 2, Sat 4/30: 3.24 million

Detroit-San Jose (TSN)
Game 1, Fri 4/29: 1.08 million
Game 2, Sun 5/1: 843, 000

Tampa Bay-Washington (TSN)
Game 1, Fri 4/29: 898, 000
Game 2, Sun 5/1: 1.45 million (CBC)

Boston-Philadelphia (CBC)
Game 1, Sat 4/30: 883, 000


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