TSN Closes Out Curling Season with 1.4 Million Viewers

TSN’s Championship Curling season for 2010-11 came to a close last night, with an average of 1.38 million viewers tuning in to watch Canada’s Jeff Stoughton defeat Tom Brewster of Scotland for the World Championship. The game faced some tough competition as The Masters ran just past 7pm ET on Global and the Red Sox and Yankees played on TSN2. An average of 643, 000 viewers watched over 40 hours of coverage throughout the week. Most games featured Canada, except those this past Saturday after Canada had already qualified for the final. The final TV ratings for the 3 major championship finals played in Canada this year are

Scotties (Canada vs. Saskatchewan): 1.1 million
Brier (Manitoba vs. Ontario): 1.3 million
Men’s Worlds (Canada vs. Scotland): 1.4 million

The 2011 curling season concludes next week in Grand Prairie, Alberta with The Players Championship. CBC and Bold will have weekend coverage. I’ll have more information later in the week.


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