Sunday Night Baseball Returns to TSN2

The 2011 season of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, the only national, exclusive MLB game of the week, returns to TSN2 Sunday night at 8:00pm ET. The debut broadcast of the 2011 season features the defending World Series champion San Francisco Giants face their longtime rivals Los Angeles Dodgers in one of baseball’s best and oldest rivalries.

ESPN will introduce a new commentating team for Sunday Night Baseball this season. Canadian Dan Shulman, formerly a member of Jays on TSN telecasts in the ’90s, will take over play-by-play duties. Orel Hershiser and Bobby Valentine will be the analysts. This crew takes over from the longtime crew of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, both of whom were dropped by ESPN at the end of last year.

I’m not sure if TSN is able to air ESPN’s Baseball Tonight, but if they can they should air the one hour edition of Baseball Tonight that precedes Sunday Night Baseball every week. If not, they should produce their own 30 minute pregame show to air on TSN, with highlights of the day’s MLB games and a preview from the Sunday Night Baseball site with Shulman, who also works for TSN. The show could be hosted by Rod Black and an analyst, maybe a local baseball columnist for a Toronto paper. My choice would be the retired Bob Elliott, if available. Of course there is little to no chance the show will ever happen.

Here is the Sunday Night Baseball schedule. Games will be added as the season goes along.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Baseball Returns to TSN2

  1. show like that would be great. I mentioned this in comments on a post before, but it would make sense for sportsnet to have a show like baseball tonight. I really liked watching the 10 pm ET version when I had ESPN. Jamie Campbell could be the host.

    • I agree. It would make sense to have it air right after HockeyCentral at 11:30pm ET until June, then at 11pm ET after that. A late night edition could air on West/Pacific to include the Mariners and other west coast teams too.

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