TSN2 Adds Another EURO Qualifier

This one really came out of nowhere, but apparently TSN2 has decided to show a EURO 2012 Qualifying match between Spain and Lithuania on Tuesday afternoon. The things that make this odd are that TSN doesn’t have a history of wanting to show Spain internationals, Lithuania is hardly a top-level opponent and the game isn’t on ESPN2 in the United States. Coverage will air live from 2:30pm ET on Tuesday afternoon. The game will be played at the S. Darius and S. Girėnas Stadium in Kaunas, Lithuania. Currently Spain top the Group I table in EURO 2012 qualifying with a perfect 4-0-0 record. Lithuania sit second to last, but are only two points behind the Czech Republic for second. The second place team will clinch a spot in the runner-up playoffs.

5 thoughts on “TSN2 Adds Another EURO Qualifier

  1. Well, they *are* the champs… However one could argue that Italy v. Serbia or Team Orange v. Hungary are better games.

    I just wish they would at least put the games on TSN.ca. I can’t be the only one who wants to follow the entire qualifying tournament, not just England.

    Also, would it kill FIFA to have some sort of logic to their international windows? They’re almost impossible to keep track of unless you circle them on your calendar or something.

    • Oops, forget Italy-Serbia, I read too fast.

    • I was actually wondering why they aren’t showing a friendly between Australia and Germany (game is on ESPN2), unless they don’t have rights. What makes it odd to me is they didn’t air Spain-Czech Republic on Friday, which is a much better game.

  2. Let’s not complain too much. It’s progress.

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