Canadian Soccer Championship back on Sportsnet

As I expected, Rogers Sportsnet has re-signed with Soccer Canada to show the 2011 Canadian Soccer Championship. Beginning this year the field will expand to four teams, with FC Edmonton joining. As a result the round robin format has been scrapped in favour of two home-and-away semi finals and a home-and-away Championship. The winner progresses to the 2011-12 CONCACAF Champions League.

Coverage will air over four Wednesday nights from April 27 until May 25. All coverage will be available in high definition. Coverage will be split regionally for the first leg of the semi finals, with East and Pacific showing the Impact-Whitecaps game and Ontario and West showing the Edmonton-Toronto game. Coverage of the second semi final legs will be seen national between the four Sportsnet regional channels and Sportset One. Both legs of the Championship will be available on all four Sportsnet channels or Sportsnet One.

The complete broadcast schedule is:
Wednesday 4/27, 8:00pm – Montreal vs. Vancouver (Leg 1) –  RSN East/Pacific
Wednesday 4/27, 8:00pm – Edmonton vs. Toronto (Leg 1) – RSN Ontario/West
Wednesday 5/4, 8:00pm – Toronto vs. Edmonton (Leg 2) – Sportsnet
Wednesday 5/4, 11:00pm – Vancouver vs. Montreal (Leg 2) – Sportsnet One
Wednesday 5/18, Time TBA – Championship Match (Leg 1) – Sportsnet or Sportsnet One
Wednesday 5/25, Time TBA – Championship Match (Leg 2) – Sportsnet or Sportsnet One

5 thoughts on “Canadian Soccer Championship back on Sportsnet

  1. I like this new format and unlike most that think this tournament is a joke I quite enjoy it… It will be harder for TFC to three-peat but I think we will do it.

  2. Can’t disagree with you, but it was only one game and hopefully they can start to gel.

  3. you would have hoped that Sportsnet wouldn’t show the April 27 matches at the same time – it’s not as if Sportsnet is crammed with programming.

    and the Edmonton match starts at 6 on a weekday??? – the biggest match in Edmonton’s history and no one can’t make it.

    • I agree. I figured they would certainly have both sets of games start at either 7ET/9ET or 8ET/10ET for doubleheaders.

      Also, a midnight start for my Imapact? Seems kind of unnecessary. They can’t seriously expect Impact fans in Quebec to stay up to 1am can they? Let alone expect me to stay up until 2 on a Wednesday. The game should have started at least an hour earlier.

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