2011 Formula One World Championship: Starts Saturday on TSN

There couldn’t be a better day than this Sunday to be a fan of open wheel racing. As I mentioned earlier today, the 2011 IndyCar Series kicks off Sunday afternoon in St. Petersburg, Florida. Meanwhile, the top Formula One drivers are in Melbourne, Australia for the start of the 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship season. Coverage of the Australian Grand Prix will begin late Friday night at 1:55am ET/10:55pm PT with live qualifying (an encore will air at 8am ET on TSN2). Then the 55-lap race will air live late Saturday night at 1:55am ET/10:55pm PT (once again, an encore will air at 8am ET on TSN2). The 2011 Australian Grand Prix will be special because it will be the first ever high definition broadcast of a Formula One race for a worldwide audience. Every Formula One race in 2011 will be available in HD on TSN HD.

Once again Speed will air coverage in the United States. In Canada most of their live broadcasts will be blacked out due to TSN’s exclusive rights; however, Friday practice and encore broadcasts of qualifying and the races will be available. Four races this summer will air on Fox. Those will be available in Canada.

TSN will be picking up the BBC’s coverage again for the 2011 season. This year BBC will debut a new commentary team consisting of former drivers Martin Brundle and David Clouthard. It will be interesting to see how Brundle, a long time analyst, will handle his first season doing play-by-play. Ted Kravitz and Lee McKenzie will return as pit reporters for BBC. The tried and true team of Bob Varsha, David Hobbs and Steve Matchett will be calling coverage on Speed and Fox again. Will Buxton will return to report from the pits.

You can see the full 2011 Formula One on TSN broadcast schedule here. Highlights incude the Monaco Grand Prix (May 29), Canadian Grand Prix (June 12) and the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix (November 27).

4 thoughts on “2011 Formula One World Championship: Starts Saturday on TSN

  1. Is there a reason the Spanish GP was broadcast on TSN using Speed announcers? I actually don’t like the coverage they provide. I much prefer the BBC feed. It is so much more intelligent to watch. The Speed coverage is too American sounding with everything possible sponsored by something, and the announcers working to cater to the casual watcher, trying to garner interest in the US.

    • Apparently TSN had problems getting the BBC feed, so they were forced to use the Speed feed at the last second. Apparently it will be back to BBC for the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend.

      • Thanks. I taped the race and had posted this comment in between segments. I was looking to see if they swapped coverage for a few races. It switched back part way through to BCC. Speed’s coverage is not horrible, it’s just that I do prefer the BBC’s coverage. TSN dropped 10 laps of the Euro GP to “catch up”. I am sure they were uneventful. I wish I had a direct BBC feed. Anyway, I’ll stop whining, at least I get the races.

        • I agree that the BBC feed is great. However, rumour has it they will be dropping F1 soon because of budget cuts. That means coverage will probably go back to ITV, or could even go to a pay TV channel like Sky Sports.

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