Major League Baseball Returns To Sportsnet in 2011

I’m about a week late on this, but Sportsnet released their 2011 Major League Baseball schedule last week. It appears we will be getting an unprecedented amount of baseball in 2011 through the four Sportsnet regional channels and Sportsnet One. A total of 225 games will air on the Sportsnet regional channels. 34 of those games will air on all four Sportsnet regional channels. An additional 49 will air on East, 48 will air on Ontario, 90 will air on West and 96 will air on Pacific. Many of these games will air on multiple regional channels. Sportsnet One will air and additional 72 games. These 72 games can almost be seen as “bonus” games because in the past Sportsnet was capped at 225 games. That means that this year we will get to see more MLB games than ever before in Canada once you factor in 162 Jays games on Sportsnet and Sportsnet One and Sunday Night Baseball on TSN2.

As usual, there will be a focus on the Boston Red Sox (40), Seattle Mariners (42) and New York Yankees (46), the three most popular US-based teams in Canada. The World Champion San Francisco Giants will also be among the teams with the most appearances on Sportsnet with 42. We will also get to here Vin Scully, in what could be his last season, a host of times as 43 Dodgers games are featured as well. The complete breakdown of games on Sportsnet and Sportsnet One, by team, is

American League
New York Yankees: 46
Seattle Mariners: 42
Boston Red Sox: 40 (this number actually seems down)
Tampa Bay Rays: 36
Oakland Athletics: 30
Anaheim Angels: 27
Minnesota Twins: 27
Texas Rangers: 24
Detroit Tigers: 16
Chicago White Sox: 15
Baltimore Orioles: 10
Cleveland Indians: 8
Kansas City Royals: 5

National League
Los Angeles Dodgers: 43
San Francisco Giants: 42
Philadelphia Phillies: 33
San Diego Padres: 22
Atlanta Braves: 18
Arizona D-Backs: 17
St. Louis Cardinals: 16
New York Mets: 15
Chicago Cubs: 14
Colorado Rockies: 13
Cincinnati Reds: 9
Washington Nationals: 9
Milwaukee Brewers: 7
Pittsburgh Pirates: 4
Florida Marlins: 1
Houston Astros: 1

Personally, as a Red Sox fan, I was hoping for more of their games. It seems that in the past when Sportsnet made some Jays games regional, with the Yankees airing on Sportsnet West and the Red Sox on Sportsnet East, more Red Sox games were aired. Otherwise, there aren’t a lot of surprises, except maybe only 10 Orioles games and only 1 Marlins game considering those two teams play in the East and the other teams from their divisions’ are on a lot.

You can see the full MLB on Sportsnet schedule here and the full MLB on Sportsnet One schedule here. Enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Major League Baseball Returns To Sportsnet in 2011

  1. So, to put it another way, the Sportsnet family alone will show a total of 225 + 72 + 162 = 459 MLB games this year. Add in 25 Sunday Night games on TSN2 and 25 Saturdays on Fox, where we can probably get 2 or 3 different games per week with the right distribution of Fox stations on cable, and that’s well over 500 different regular season games on Canadian TV. Without needing Extra Innings. That is insane. I remember the days when we were thrilled to get our 40 or 50 Expos and Jays games plus NBC’s Saturday Game of the Week.

    • Yep. Sportsnet is airing a lot of MLB on Fox games this year, but that sounds about right. Not to mention Cubs/White Sox on WGN, Braves on Peachtree TV and Mets on WPIX. That’s easily 150 more or so.

  2. So glad to see all those Dodger games.

  3. Do the numbers include games against the Blue Jays? For a team like the Red Sox, it would bump that number of games up by 18.

  4. Its the summer time, get a life, forget baseball, its a time for drugs & pretty girls in tight shorts.

    • What the hell? There is absolutely nothing wrong with watching baseball. Just because I don’t use drugs (which I don’t BTW) doesn’t mean I don’t have a life. There is lots of time for everything, including baseball.

  5. Wish they didn’t show so many Yankee games, not that I dislike them (don’t really care one way or the other… only care about my Jays) but I hate watching the YES network broadcast. They are too one sided (and I find Michael Kay annoying), RSN isn’t that way with the Jays, NESN with the Red Sox etc…

    • Agreed. There is a reason that Don Orsillo, Buck Martinez, Gary Thorne etc. work games on national TV and Michael Kay doesn’t. You can imagine my frustration as a Red Sox fan when Sportsnet goes with the YES feed for Yankees-Red Sox games. I just wish they would show at least an equal amount of Sox and Yankees games. The Red Sox are the home team here in the Maritimes.

  6. What are the totals for 2012?

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