A Response to NCAA Hoops Fans

Okay I really need to get this off my chest because I feel like some people don’t understand why I say I like the way TSN covers the NCAA tournament. Others don’t understand why I’m so pissed that everyone complains. It all came to a head this evening for me when one reader accused me of being a TSN employee. So let me state for the fact, I do not work for TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, The Score, CBC or any other Canadian media organization. I have no ties to them whatsoever and I’ve never even met anyone who works for a Canadian sports network. As a writer I take great pride in being impartial and giving every broadcast on every network its fair shot. Any time someone questions my impartiality it bothers me more than anything else someone could say to me.

First I have to say that you, the Canadian basketball fans, have made me really jaded about watching March Madness this year. I find it isn’t even worth the effort because all I see is people complaining. I have never been this put off about watching a sports broadcast by that sport’s fans before in my life. I would consider myself a casual basketball fan. I watch a few regular season (mostly Big East and Big 12) college games, and March Madness. I don’t watch NBA much at all.

Now, I have to philosophies that I use in life that apply to this in someway

1) I really don’t like complainers. In fact complaining is my biggest pet peeve. If you don’t like something, do something about it. Don’t just whine. I much prefer to appreciate what I have, not complain about what I don’t have.

2) When I watch a sports event, I like watching it from start to finish. For basketball, from when the clock reads 20:00 1st until it reads triple zeros in the 2nd.

So, you may ask, how does this apply to college basketball. Well the first one explains why I hate it when people complain. It isn’t necessarily because I disagree with you and it certainly isn’t because I don’t respect your right to your opinion (although I feel some people don’t respect my right to my opinion), it is because it is my biggest pet peeve, by a long shot. Not a lot of things tick me off, but people complaining about every little thing does. The second tells you why I like TSN’s way of presenting coverage. I don’t care what network the coverage is on, if Sportsnet or The Score presented it in the same way, I’d like it just as much. The thing that gives TSN an advantage over The Score is having two channels. Sportsnet also has an advantage over TSN because they have 5 channels.  NCAA would work perfect on Sportsnet, I’ve said that ever since they lost it.

If you really don’t like TSN’s coverage, then don’t watch it. Watch CBS only. Don’t buy from TSN’s advertisers. Don’t ever buy chocolate milk again. Never watch TSN again in your life. These are actions you can take to show TSN that you don’t like their coverage. Don’t just complain. It annoys the hell out of the rest of us.

Lastly, of course I have a bias when I write an opinion piece. An opinion and a bias are the same thing. If you find me an opinion piece that is completely unbiased, I’ll write a long rant about how bad TSN’s March Madness coverage is. I challenge you basketball fans of Canada. Yesterday’s piece was just that, an opinion piece. It was my opinion. I don’t really care if any of you agree with it. My longtime readers (you guys know who you are) have never lashed out at me for being a TSN employee. Those are the guys who I care what they think. Any first time readers who are just coming here to complain, I honestly couldn’t care less what you think of me. I couldn’t care less if you think I work for TSN. If you don’t like what I write, go start your own sports media blog and comeback when you get 1000 page views a day. Hell, even better start you own blog on how biased my blog is. I don’t give a shit.

19 thoughts on “A Response to NCAA Hoops Fans

  1. I too am a casual basketball watcher but I enjoy March madness. What bothers me is it seems TSN has bought the rights simply because it can and then broadcasts the games as it sees fit without any rythme nor reason to which games they show, then to immediately chop one to switch to women’s curling or NASCAR proves the point. Simply put they (TSN) have no real committment to this tournament. I preferred The Scores court surfing approach in the past. All of which covers up the real problem of TV especially sports TV in Canada which is CRTC censorship of the US networks. Give me unfettered access to ESPN family, FOX Sports, DIRECT TV, Turner etc and I would be happy. TSN controls hockey and that’s where the money is in Canada and maybe that’s all 90 % of “Sports” fans in Canada care about. Fine, but for the remaining 10% of us I would like to access packages or networks carrying all MLB, NCAA Football and Basketball, hopefully with Internet TV we will soon be able to short circuit the TSN and Rogers monopoly

    • reidjr has it 100% correct. Even if ESPN were allowed to broadcast in Canada, every single MLB and NBA game would be blacked out, as would anything aired on Canadian TV. This isn’t because of the CRTC, it is because the leagues sell rights separately in the US and Canada. MLB isn’t just going to give up on x-amount of money Sportsnet is paying them so we can watch games on ESPN instead. It all goes back to television being a business, and on the sports side, an extremely money-driven business. Why do people always blame CTV for broadcasting the Super Bowl? What you should be saying is if the NFL really cared about its Canadian fans they wouldn’t sell Canadian rights to the NFL.

      BTW, Sportsnet airs a lot more baseball than would be available to anyone in the US without Extra Innings. Between all of the networks in Canada, we get more NBA than anyone in the US would get.

      If TNT and TBS were available in Canada, then every second of their March Madness coverage would be blacked out, assuming TSN had Canadian rights. As I said, this isn’t a CRTC issue.

      Don’t you think that the 10% of people who don’t like football in the UK would love to have ESPN/ESPN2 for NBA? Don’t you think that the 10% of people in the United States who like hockey would kill to have TSN? This is just how it works. It is how the leagues make money and how the TV stations make money. Not just in Canada, but everywhere.

    • Yesterday all day I was waiting for Big East tilt between tilt between Huskies and Bearcats. Well, TSN was showing tape coverage of some mundane speed skating event until 10pm. I can take that. it’s OK with me if i skip 5 minutes at the begging of the game. But then at 10 minutes mark with the score tied 20-20 all of sudden they switched to Wisconsin – Kansas State game. Thanks goodness for March Madness on Demand I had to switch too. It was a little inconvinient to go through their numerous questions, but in the end streaming was of very good quality. And today I will watch games on MMOD rather than on TSN. Of course I will watch CBS superior coverage as well.

      • That event was actually live. Don’t even bother comparing it with speed skating because speed skating is actually a sport. “Crashed Ice” is a promotional event for Red Bull.

        Anyway, the CIN-UCONN game was switched over to TSN2, which was fine with me. But at 10:30pm ET they switched off the game suddenly to show tape delayed curling from earlier in the day. That was my main problem with TSN yesterday. I also wasn’t happy they switched it off because I was looking forward to it too.

  2. Michael
    Its not the crtc that censors american networks its a myth that some think its the crtc that is blockign channels its not in any way.Studios have deals with local channels be it inc anada and the states etc americans can’t access channels they want in other countries people in the uk can’t access channels in canada or the states and the list goes on.As for sports think about it the nhl for exzample makes millions in canada and the states why would they give up millions of dollars to go with one broadcaster.As for packages with sports both bell and rogers offer them you get almost every college basketball and football game every mlb game every nhl game and every nba game etc.

    Canadian Sports Fan
    Some love to complain for what ever reaosn tsn could show each game from start to finish people would still complain my point is don’t let it get to you.

    • I’m glad someone else understands it. It seems the default thing to do in Canada is blame the CRTC (who do have their faults) or blame the broadcasters.

    • Unfortunately for me, the line of sight obstacles (ie trees) probably would hinder satellite reception. I’ve talked to by cable people (SHAW) three times about Sports packeges like BELL carries for NCAA football but they say there isn’t any local demand (Edmonton) other than NFL Primetime and Centre Ice, so the search continues

      • You should try to contact Shaw about the NBA package (if it interests you at least). Shaw Direct added it this year, and while they don’t offer a lot of games (because of space issues), it is included at no extra cost in the HD Sports package or as a standalone for $5.

        You might want to see if it would be possible to get Bell. Depending on how high you house is, the sightlines may be okay because of the angle of the dish.

  3. Canadiansportsfan
    For whaat ever reason people love to blame the crtc with out fully unaware what the real deal is not knowing or care that this is nothing to do with the crtc.Its kind of funny there are some canadian fans think there hard done by and think its much better in the states they feel you get every sporting event there is while in fact that is 100% false.Then you have american fans who are fed up with american tv and wish they could get canadian tv such as tsn canadian fans need to grasp that we have it very good in canada sports wise.As with the super bowl the amount of canadians crying about ctv airing the game really did leave a sour taste in my mouth people need to grasp that ctv paid for the rights to air the game game hense they have the right to air it the way they did.Just wait untill the nhl play off schedules come out people will cry about that due to there team is not on cbc or there upset about a match up on cbc or tsn its endless the amount of crying that goes on.

    • Yep. Most people have no idea how many Americans say, “wow, you guys get to watch 5-6 NFL games on Sunday afternoon? I only get 2-3. I wish I lived in Canada.” We have it really good compared to the US, especially with the NFL. Same goes for comparing Canada to the UK. We get 2 more Premier League games a week than they do and the combination of TSN2, Sportsnet, Sportsnet One and Setanta is a lot cheaper than ESPN and Sky are over there.

  4. I really don’t see what the big deal is, like I said the other day if you really want to see a certain game there are plenty of ways to do so (I’m assuming that is where the argument steams from… I’m quite new to this blog).

    In fact, they actually can work out to be cheaper then paying for a TSN2 or Sportsnet One where you might get the best value from it (depending on what sports appeal to you). Personally I don’t have either, and with the invention of the internet it’s really not the end of the world.

  5. “If you disagree, go start your own sports media blog and comeback when you get 1000 page views a day. Hell, even better start you own blog on how biased my blog is. I don’t give a shit.”

    OK, that is childish and wrong. That would be like TSN or SportsNet or whatever saying to you “Well, why don’t you go start your own sports network if you are so smart.” I can understand the frustration of having your integrity questioned, but this part of your response has no merit.

    Otherwise, keep it up. I check out this site every day.

  6. This blog kicks ass and anybody bitching about needs to bark up another tree. I’ve been reading this blog for almost a year and opinion blogs such as that are the main thing that makes me read it everyday. PERIOD

  7. I have always been a component of having ESPN in Canada and the challenges with TSN, Sportsnet and The Score coverage always being 99% hockey (even in the summer) and 1% all other sports. We just need more balanced coverage all around. I found that TSN’s coverage was not great but acceptable – although it upset me when they have other events (i.e. Crashed Ice) instead of the NCAA’s.

    While I choose to sometimes disagree with your opinions, that’s what a blog is all about….opinions……and I love it.

    • I do agree on the Crashed Ice. When CBC had it they could tape delay it for HNIC, so you would assume TSN could as well. I honestly can’t see it getting better ratings than basketball considering (as I understand it at least) most fans live in Quebec and are probably watching on RDS.

      I also wasn’t a big fan of TSN’s programming decisions on Sunday. NASCAR and the women’s basketball should’ve been bumped to TSN2. The NHL game should have been completely removed from the schedule. The NBA should have been moved to TSN2 as well. That would leave TSN feed to show college hoops all day. I think in the future the Raptors will avoid putting their games on TSN during the 10 days Marc hMadness is taking place.

      There were other things TSN did on Saturday/Sunday that bugged me a bit too. Like dumping the UConn-Cincinnati game for tape delayed curling that had already aired on TSN. Overall, I thought their coverage went downhill a bit after Friday night.

  8. They’re putting the finals on TSN2. Really TSN?

    • It is on CBS too. Also TSN has contractual obligations to show the World Curling Championships on the main net (which is justified because curling gets a lot better ratings than college hoops). I am willing to bet just as many people will watch TSN2 tomorrow night as watched The Score for the final last year.

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