March Madness Schedule: Friday March 18

Here is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, i.e. March Madness, schedule for Friday March 18. First (or second) round coverage continues today on TSN, TSN2 and CBS. Here is the CBS broadcast schedule

12:00pm – Texas vs. Oakland
2:30pm – Arizona vs. Memphis
7:00pm – North Carolina vs. Long Island
9:30pm – Washington vs. Georgia

And here are the games I expect TSN will feature, based on trends from yesterday.

12:00pm – Texas vs. Oakland
2:00pm – George Mason vs. Villanova
4:00pm – Texas A&M vs. Florida State
9:45pm – Georgetown vs. Virginia Commonwealth

and on TSN2

12:30pm – Michigan vs. Tennessee
followed by – Notre Dame vs. Akron (JIP)
followed by – Duke vs. Hampton (JIP)
followed by – Ohio State vs. UTSA (JIP)
6:45pm – Kansas vs. Boston University (Bonus coverage to fill gap)
7:15pm – Xavier vs. Marquette
9:15pm – UNLV vs. Illinois

Considering the amount of 1, 2 and 3 seeds playing in the late afternoon, I think TSN2 will just courtsurf between the end of Michigan-Tennessee and the start of Xavier-Marquette. While TSN will take the 3 interesting afternoon games and the best game that starts after their NHL broadcast is scheduled to end.

By the way, an early look at Saturday’s schedule of the Round 0f 32 is shaping up like this

12:00pm – West Virginia vs. Kentucky – CBS, TSN
2:30pm – Florida vs. UCLA – CBS, TSN
5:00pm – Morehead State vs. Richmond – CBS, TSN2 (Bonus coverage to fill gap on TSN2)
6:00pm – San Diego State vs. Temple – TSN2
7:30pm – Gonzaga vs. Brigham Young – CBS
8:30pm – Wisconsin vs. Kansas State – TSN2
10:00pm – Connecticut vs. Cincinnati – TSN (JIP)

5 thoughts on “March Madness Schedule: Friday March 18

  1. Why doesn’t TSN use an alt feed? they still have that listed as a channel on Shaw Direct, somewhere between 400 and 405

    • Good question. I’m not sure they are able to. The alternate feed may just be for when CFL games are blacked out so they can provide the blacked out market with alternate programming (i.e. poker) now that TSN2 has launched.

  2. I have no clue why TSN keeps shadowing the CBS feed. They should try to compliment the other network. Especially since tru tv is not available here and cogeco just dropped tbs on march 11th. I will chose CBS just in spite of TSN showing the same game.

  3. Also why wouldnTSN take the tournament but tonight stop for hockey hen tomorrow stop for MLS. Whats next?? Stop for a poker tournament?

    • Well they had the hockey game scheduled since August, tournament rights were only sold in February. I think we will see a lot less conflicts with NHL next season because TSN will schedule around basketball.

      As for airing the same game as CBS, if there is a Canadian involved, it makes sense. It also makes sense for the really early games when the CBS game is the first to get underway. This will become less of an issue on the weekend when games are more spread out.

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