World Women’s Curling: Starts Saturday on TSN

Saskatchewan’s Amber Holland will represent Canada for the first time this weekend as her Canadian Champion rink heads to Esbjerg, Denmark for the World Women’s Curling Championship. For the first time since the World Men’s and World Women’s Championships became separate events in 2005, there will be round robin coverage of the event that is taking place outside of Canada. In the past TSN, and CBC before them, only aired the semi final and final. This year between TSN and TSN2, 6 Canadian round robin games will be aired, along with both page playoff games.

TSN will send its top curling broadcast team of Vic Rauter, Russ Howard and Linda Moore to Esbjerg to call all the action. After dropping the ball two years ago when TSN kept their commentators in studio in Toronto, instead of sending them to Korea for the 2009 World Women’s, TSN is making a good decision.

Most of the top teams will be featured on TSN. Here are the teams we will see in action.

Canada: Amber Holland (2011 Scotties champion)
Germany: Andrea Schopp (2010 World champion)
China: Wang Bingyu (2009 World champion)
Denmark: Lene Nielsen
Scotland: Anna Sloan* (2011 World Junior champion)
Sweden: Anette Norberg (2006 and 2010 Olympic champion)
Switzerland: Mirjam Ott (2002 and 2006 Olympic silver medalist)
United States: Patti Lank  (1999 World silver medalist)

*The Anna Sloan rink is composed of 3/4s of Eve Muirhead’s 2011 World Junior Championship rink from just a couple weeks ago in Perth, Scotland. Sloan moves up from 3rd to skip and Claire Hamilton is the team’s 3rd. Muirhead, who Sloan defeated in the Scottish Championship, has joined the team as an alternate.

Here is TSN’s broadcast schedule:
Saturday 3/19, 4:00am – Canada vs. China – TSN (encore at 10:30pm on TSN2)
Sunday 3/20, 10:30pm – Canada vs. Denmark – TSN2 (tape delay)
Monday 3/21, 4:00am – Canada vs. Scotland – TSN (encore at 2pm)
Tuesday 3/22, 2:00pm – Canada vs. United States – TSN
Wednesday 3/23, 9:00am – Canada vs. Switzerland – TSN (encore at 8pm on TSN2)
Thursday 3/24, 9:00am – Canada vs. Germany – TSN (encore at 2pm)
Friday 3/25, 2:00pm – Page Playoff 1 vs. 2 – TSN
Saturday 3/26, 5:00am – Page Playoff 3 vs. 4 – TSN
Saturday 3/26, 10:00am – Semi Final – TSN (encore at 8pm on TSN2)
Sunday 3/27, 9:00am – Championship – TSN (encore at 8pm on TSN2)

13 thoughts on “World Women’s Curling: Starts Saturday on TSN

  1. I’m really looking forward to your extended coverage. Thanks for including several round robin games. Watching the China-Canada game was a delight! Russ is very knowledgeable and Vic is enthusiastic. Thank goodness he no longer has to pretend to know nothing in order to deal with Ray’s putdowns. Together Russ and Vic set a very comfortable pace. How wonderful that there was NO LINDA!!

    • I agree that Vic has worked better this year with Russ. I think that a change of pace has really helped. I wasn’t up to watch this morning’s game, but I may watch it when it is on TSN2 later tonight.

    • I was just wondering why no Linda? The promos said all 3 would be present

      • I have no clue to be honest. The information I got (as you can see from what I wrote) said that Linda would be there too. Only thing I can figure out is she is doing something else this weekend and will join them later in the week. I’ll look into it on Monday and get back to you.

  2. It’s too bad their not all on TSN as not every body has TSN2.

  3. U R Kidding!! Russ is terrible to listen to!! He cuts people down, its his shots or no shots. UGH! Most times I have to turn off the sound. I like Vic and Linda. Thank god no Kathy Gauthier either!!

    • To be fair he is usually right. The guy knows more about strategy than just about anyone else on the planet aside from Kevin Martin maybe.

      So what if he cuts people down? It is his job to say whether something is a good shot or bad shot (or shot choice).

  4. How come TSn doesn’t broadcast THE big game between Sweden and Canada, today?

    • Really good question. It seems (I’m just speculating here) that their contract with the WCF is for one game every day. They went with the Switzerland game today for reasons that don’t make any sense to me. You’d think Sweden-Canada would get better ratings considering its on in the afternoon, not to mention it features the defending Olympic champion. Either the game isn’t being broadcast at all (i.e. no video feed is even available) or TSN dropped the ball big time.

      • Any way to watch the game, like online? Btw, I agree with you, Can vs Sweden would make more sense. And I’m actually a swiss citizen (living in Vancouver)!

  5. I don’t understand why the arena is not packed with spectators for the final game today between Canada and Sweden. It is disappointing to see so many empty seats. The place doesn’t even look that big.

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