March Madness Schedule: Thursday March 16

It is almost time for the Madness. In less than 12 hours from now one of the most exciting sports events kicks off in Tampa, Florida as West Virginia takes on Clemson. Here is how coverage is looking for day #1. The timeslots will work like this

CBS: 12-5pm ET and 7pm-midnight ET
TSN: 12-6:30pm ET and 7pm-midnight ET
TSN2: 12:30-6pm ET and 6pm-midnight ET

CBS will be restricted to showing live coverage of their feature games only because the Turner networks have rights to the rest. TSN and TSN2 will be showing the most competitive games. All we know for now is that TSN will start off with West Virginia-Clemson and TSN2 will start off with Butler-Old Dominion. Here is the broadcast schedule

12:00pm – West Virginia vs. Clemson – CBS
2:30pm – Kentucky vs. Princeton – CBS
7:00pm – Brigham Young vs. Wofford – CBS
9:30pm – St. Johns vs. Gonzaga – CBS

2 thoughts on “March Madness Schedule: Thursday March 16

  1. Johnnies-Zags is a CBS game as well.

    That said, where did you get the schedule? TSN’s website still only says “Second Round Games.”

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