NCAA Second Round

TSN has yet to make an announcement about how they will do their coverage of the early rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, but if they choose feature games, I’d go with these.

Thursday March 17
12:00pm – West Virginia vs. Clemson/UAB – TSN (CBS feed)
12:30pm – Butler vs. Old Dominion – TSN2 (TruTV feed)
2:00pm – Temple vs. Penn State – TSN (TNT feed)
3:00pm – Pittsburgh vs. UTSA/Alabama State – TSN2 (TruTV feed)
4:00pm – Vanderbilt vs. Richmond – TSN (TBS feed)
5:00pm – San Diego State vs. Northern Colorado –  TSN2 (TNT feed) – JIP
6:45pm – Florida vs. UC-Santa Barbara – TSN2 (TBS feed)
7:15pm – Connecticut vs. Bucknell – TSN (TNT feed)
9:15pm – UCLA vs. Michigan State – TSN2 (TBS feed)
9:45pm – Cincinnati vs. Missouri – TSN (TNT feed)

Friday March 18
12:00pm – Texas vs. Oakland – TSN (CBS feed)
12:30pm – Michigan vs. Tennessee – TSN2 (TruTV feed)
2:00pm – George Mason vs. Villanova – TSN (TNT feed)
3:00pm – Duke vs. Hampton – TSN2 (TruTV feed)
4:00pm – Texas A&M vs. Florida State – TSN (TBS feed)
5:00pm – Ohio State vs. UNC-Ashville/UALR – TSN2 (TNT feed) – JIP
6:45pm – Kansas vs. Boston University – TSN2 (TBS feed)
9:15pm – UNLV vs. Illinois – TSN2 (TBS feed)
9:45pm – Georgetown vs. USC/VCU – TSN (TNT feed)

And for the third round round

Saturday March 19
12:00pm on TSN (CBS feed)
2:30pm on TSN (CBS feed)
6:00pm on TSN2 (TNT feed)
8:00pm on TSN2 (TNT feed)
10:00pm on TSN (TBS feed) – JIP

Sunday March 20
3:00pm on TSN2 (CBS feed) – JIP
6:00pm on TSN2 (TNT feed)
8:00pm on TSN2 (TNT feed)
9:30pm on TSN2 (TBS feed)

14 thoughts on “NCAA Second Round

  1. So in other words not all opening round games covered in there entirerity in Canada = [
    Good work TSN

  2. William
    I would not say they can’t keep up there are many americans that would love to have tsn.

  3. My guess from reading the press release is that they won’t do full games but will keep the wraparound format. We’ll see.

  4. TSN/TSN2 are not off to a great start. They are not televising any of the four play-in games. Time for a Direct TV satellite dish to escape this obsession with hockey (unwatchable in its current state) and curling (not a sport).

    • Too bad for you that TSN has a commitment to air these NHL (and NBA tonight) games since before they had NCAA rights. Not to mention that I think more people care about NBA/NHL than play-in games featuring teams that a) barely have a chance to win the thing and b) 4 of them are teams that nobody has ever heard of an will get blown out on Thursday and Friday. The games are airing on TruTV in the States, which would be the same as airing them on some obscure non-sports channel nobody gets in Canada.

      Also curling has absolutely nothing to do with this because TSN doesn’t have hockey today or tomorrow, but once again a) it is a sport (play it for once at a high level if you don’t believe me) and b) it gets better ratings at 9:00 in the morning than basketball gets in primetime for the most part.

      • You’re right on most counts. TSN is a business and will do what it needs to do to make money, and yes they will get better far ratings for hockey and the Raptors (and yes, you’re right, curling) than with the NCAA play-in games.

        Tru TV isn’t as obscure as you think, though. It’s the former Court TV and is available on virtually all basic cable and satellite packages in the States, thanks in large part to the OJ trial.

        My beef is more with the CRTC than with TSN…their rules prevent me from directly receiving the various Turner, ESPN and Fox Sports Networks (though I can purchase a lot of their live sports programming through the Rogers’ Sports Pak), all in the name of protecting Canadian broadcasters — and at the same time allowing those Canadian broadcasters to profit from doing nothing other than re-broadcasting some of those very shows/events produced by the American networks.

        Let the millions of Canadian hockey and curling (sorry, we’ll have to disagree on this. It’s hard and requires great skill, bit it’s still not a sport in my view) fans have their programming. But let me have my full NCAA basketball tournament. It’s my single favourite sporting event…from the play-in game (now games) to the Final Four.

        • I’ve heard from a lot of people in the US that they don’t know a lot about TruTV. I also understand that most providers don’t have it in HD.

          I agree to a degree on the ESPN thing. One thing I’ve considered is a two-tier system like Ireland has. Search it up if you want to, it is quite interesting. They basically receive the cable sports channels from Britain (like Sky), but not the OTA channels (like BBC, ITV). That way people get to see obscure (for lack of a better word) sports that an Irish sports channel may not air, while the Irish channels get exclusive rights to the major events. I’ve said I wouldn’t mind seeing the US OTAs removed in exchange for the US cable channels. I think TSN would go for it since they’d get exclusive rights to things like the weekend rounds of the golf majors, weekend coverage of the tennis grand slams, NHL on NBC etc. We know these major events will be aired no matter what. It would also allow for better coverage of college sports in Canada. Of course things involving Canadian teams (say the Jays on ESPN) would be blacked out on the US channel. I think consumers and the TV channels would benefit.

          Personally, I think they should have tried to sell of the First Four. I know The Score had NBA last night, but they might go for it. TSN probably isn’t making much money by streaming it.

          FWIW, try CBS’s March Madness on Demand. Someone mentioned that the streaming quality is better there than it is on

  5. Let’s see now, according to the article above, Canadians can legally see the following games in their entireity.

    First Four 0 of 4 games

    Second Round 19 of 32 games with 2 of those JIP (25 of 32 if your CBS channel isn’t carrying the same game as TSN/TSN2

    Third Round 9 of 16 with 2 of those shown JIP (All games if the TSN/TSN2 games are not on your CBS affilliate (CBS showing 7 games Sat/Sun)

    Hmm Hopefully by the “Sweet 16” all Canadian CBB fans will be assured of seeing whats left of their brackets !

    (Of course if San Jose is at Columbus in NHL action ,well all bets are off! Can’t miss that one : >P

    • From the last 16 on, all games will be on either TSN, TSN2 or CBS.

      Also, for the 2nd and 3rd round, that is just at guess. At the very least TSN will have live look ins. Also since teams with Canadian predominant talent (Texas, Gonzaga) are on CBS, it is likely that TSN will also show these games. I didn’t consider that when I made this post. TSN is promoting their broadcast based off Canadian content. At the very least, we will see a major bump in the ratings for March Madness this year.

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