Scotties Begins This Weekend on TSN

Canada’s national women’s curling championship, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, begins Saturday afternoon in Charlottetown, Price Edward Island. TSN and TSN2 will air every draw from the Scotties, resulting in over 60 hour of coverage. The field is headlined by three-time defending champion Jennifer Jones (Team Canada), 2006 Olympic bronze medalist Shannon Kleibrink (Alberta), Kelly Scott (British Columbia) and Amber Holland (Saskatchewan). Also look out for 21 year old Rachel Homan of Ontario, who is already is a Canadian Junior Champion (2007 in Whitehorse), a Canadian Junior Champion and a World Junior silver medalist. While her team isn’t very well known, all eyes will also be on Cathy Overton-Clapham, the former teammate of Jennifer Jones, who is representing Manitoba.

TSN’s main curling broadcast team of Vic Rauter, Linda Moore and Russ Howard will call all afternoon and evening draws, as well as every playoff draw. Bryan Mudryk will be reunited with his 2010 Olympic broadcast partner Kathy Gauthier to call the morning draws. Gauthier previously worked for TSN as a rinkside reporter on some curling broadcasts.

TSN looks to build on last year’s record of 1.2 million viewers for a Scotties Championship Game. That number was really impressive considering the 2010 final went head to head with the Super Bowl pregame show on CTV.


21 thoughts on “Scotties Begins This Weekend on TSN

  1. I used to think that TSN has a superb broadcast till I watched local cable broadcasting the playdowns. These local broadcasters were much more entertaining than TSN. The worst move was hiring loudmouth & Mr. Know-it-all Russ Howard. Linda & Vic arent bad but Howard is full of shit sometimes.

    As long as Jones doesn’t win again, then I am happy. Women’s curling is a joke anyhow, too tame & passive. & to let the champion return for another shot without any competition is like giving the Stanley Cup winners a free pass into the playoffs.

    You want to liven up the game, how about you cant remove ANY guards?

    • Russ Howard actually does know his stuff though. I commented on it at the Olympics last year, he has insight that the other analysts don’t have because they never played in today’s game. The style of curling (with the free guard etc.) is much different than when Moore or Turnbull played.

      I agree on women’s curling being a bit of a joke. I’ve had enough of this “play a couple ends for a blank” stuff. There are some days where I think that they way of determining a champion in Canada is dated too. Arguably four of the top five teams from Canada come from two provinces, Alberta and Manitoba. It sucks that Mike McEwen and Kevin Koe aren’t there even though they are better than 90% of the teams. I think we all know that Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Ontario and maybe Northern Ontario even have a shot at winning.

      I dislike your last point for two reasons. One it would allow for teams to guard for their life in the 10th end with a lead of more than one. That would make the last end beyond boring. And secondly it would discourage runbacks because there would be a big risk. I think that curling, especially on the men’s side, is great now.

  2. Would you Please get off Jennifers back. They deleted Kathy O because of her age and a better curler in Lawes.
    You people are destroying the Scotties this year by going on and on about Jennifer and Kathy O.
    You have made many of us to hope Kathy O does not win a game and Jennifer wins all of her games.The first time ever being a Manitoban, that I hope Manitoba does not win a game.

    • I couldn’t agree more with this. If a hockey team let a player go because they thought they could replace him with someone better on free agents, then nobody would make this big a deal of it. I have absolutely no problem with Jones improving her team. If they keep playing like they are today, then they better be prepared to take the heat though.

  3. Just wanted to make a comment about the recent discussions of a Canadian Team for the men, but my comment is on the Women’s Canadian team. I think that if a team has won the right to wear the CA on their backs then the team should remain the same. I feel that Catalin Lawes doesn’t have the right to wear the CA as she has not earned it and that Cathy O should still be a part of the team until defeated as Canadian Champions.

    • I don’t think that Team Canada should exist at the Scotties at all, but there is no reason why a Scotties champion should be punished by having to retain the same team heading into a new Olympic cycle.

  4. The competitive men change their team players rather often at year end.
    There is never a mention about it and no hard feelings.It is something that has been done for years.The press & media get ahold of this by the ladies and they can’t leave it alone.
    The media is trying to ruin a great event.

  5. Thanks for the comment about the falling sweeper. 15 years ago I pushed my fallen wife out of the way before she burned the rock. I’ve been hearing about it ever since.
    Bob Stewart Winnipeg

  6. I know the media has asked and suggested for Manitoba to change the roster to Cathy Overton-Clapman but don’t you think the third Karen Fallis should consider to step down and be a team player and say she’s not curling well and ask to not play and do it for the team. I think Cathy won’t do it because she was dropped from Jennifer Jones team… but curling at 48% is just not cutting it and is embarraing Team Manitoba.

    • It would be easy to have Fallis be the scapegoat for Manitoba’s misgivings, but putting the spare wont really benefit the team imo.

      The front end are not giving the third any great chance for setting up an end for Overton-Clapham either. Its their first kick of the cat at the Scotties, let them do their thing!

      • I haven’t got the chance to watch Overton-Clapham play yet, but I agree. I think people are expecting too much of a skip who has been a 3rd for a long time (not that she can’t be a great skip, because she can) and a 3rd/front end who are playing on this stage for the first time.

  7. I am very disappointed with TSN for not showing the Scotties on Sunday by
    putting the stupid car race on instead along with the basketball all star game.
    How many viewers get the alterante channel.

    • Quite a few actually. I don’t have an exact number though. It is in their contract with NASCAR and the NBA to put those broadcasts on the main TSN channel, just as it is in their contract to put the Scotties final on the main TSN channel (which will result in next week’s NASCAR race airing on TSN2). Last year TSN aired those events over the Olympics because they had to, even though the Olympics get much better ratings.

      You may call it a “stupid car race”, but I guarantee you that the Daytona 500 got better ratings than curling usually does. The NBA probably didn’t, but both the NBA and curling ratings were probably well down because of the Heritage Classic on Sunday night.

  8. The question I have regarding the J.Jones/Cathy O situation is, did Cathy O. Quit or did Jen ask her to leave? I heard she wanted out. It seems everyone is assuming that she was kicked off the team. Maybe someone can clear this up?

    • I remember hearing on CBC or TSN that all other 3 members of the team had a meeting to discuss what they wanted to do for this season. After that they (as in all 4 members) came to a mutual decision that she wouldn’t be on the team anymore. I don’t think that Overton-Clapham wanted out until she realized that the other 3 didn’t want her there anymore.

  9. i think there was a major problem between the both of them,which we will never know

  10. Jones wouldn’t have been Team Canada without Cathy O ! How nice Lawes gets to slide in and take over and not pay her dues to get to the Hearts.

    The timing of cutting Cathy really sucked…..why not wait till after the Hearts and possilbly the worlds and THEN switch it up if you had to.

    Also I love Vic, Linda and Russ…beats the heck out of the CBC crew.

    • Like other mentioned, I think they had personal problems and they just wouldn’t have been able to compete together anymore. Besides, if they had won the Scotties this year and won the right to be Team Canada next year, would you expect them to continue for another season?

  11. So you think what was done to Cathy O was decent and a fair deal?
    You have personal conflicts in the team you should suck it up and act like adults.
    After last nights game it’s obvious that Cathy O doesn’t need Team Canada anyway.
    So good to see the crowd firmly behind her and what a game!
    Hopefully she can now put a team together and go on to win the right to represent Manitoba and possibly Canada in the future.

  12. Why do they allow Mark Dacy visits with his wife when she is curling? He is the coach but you don’t see any of the other teams standing talking to their coaches between end, when required they go out on the ice and talk to all the team.

  13. I find it frustrating about all the praise for the terrific Korean team. Please keep in mind their government sends them here with handfuls of cash where our juniors have to struggle with finding sponsorship. We fund our teams as parents as much as we can. Our young players want to curl 24/7. They have jobs and schools As well as many volunteer at the local rinks to help up and coming juniors. I would appreciate your comments to encourage more corporate sponsorship to encourage our players in Canada. We have achieved an amazing level of play with very limited funds. Our young people put off career goals and families. Our juniors have played Japan,Korea,as well as China in junior bonspiels. Our young people also have a courtesy of being extremely calm and quiet when scoring or playing a good shot. Many of the teams have a habit of high fiveing after good shots. This is not acceptable in most club games. Our curlers have been told to keep quiet, and respectful and on and on. Let’s encourage our young players and the game. Bev

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