Sports on Canadian TV: November 20 & 21

Here is the Sports on Canadian TV schedule for this weekend. Regional restrictions apply to games in italics.

Saturday November 20
EPL: Arsenal vs. Tottenham at 7:30am on TSN2 (HD)
EPL: Manchester United vs. Wigan at 9:55am on Setanta (HD)
EPL: Birmingham City vs. Chelsea at 9:55am on Sportsnet (HD)
NCAA FB: Troy @ South Carolina at 12:00pm on Peachtree TV*
EPL: Liverpool vs. West Ham United at 12:25pm on RSN One (HD)
CIS FB: Western vs. Laval at 12:30pm on TSN (HD)
Gymnastics: Trampoline Worlds at 2:00pm on CBC (HD)
Serie A: Milan vs. Fiorentina at 2:30pm on The Score (HD)
Figure Skating: Cup of Russia at 3:00pm on CBC (HD)
NCAA FB: Stanford @ California at 3:30pm on RSN One (HD)
NCAA FB: Mississippi @ LSU at 3:30pm on CBS (HD)
NCAA FB: Ohio State @ Iowa at 3:30pm on ABC (HD)
CIS FB: St. Mary’s vs. Calgary at 3:30pm on TSN (HD)
NASCAR: Nationwide – Ford 300 at 4:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Maple Leafs @ Canadiens at 7:00pm on CBC (HD)
NCAA FB: Army vs. Notre Dame at 7:00pm on NBC (HD)
NCAA FB: Missouri @ Iowa State at 7:00pm on RSN Pacific (HD)
NCAA FB: Arkansas @ Mississippi St. at 7:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NCAA FB: Nebraska @ Texas A&M at 8:00pm on ABC East (HD)
NCAA FB: USC @ Oregon State at 8:00pm on ABC West (HD)
NBA: Heat @ Grizzlies at 8:00pm on RSN One (HD)
NBA: Mavericks @ Hawks at 8:00pm on NBA TV (HD)
NHL: Blackhawks @ Canucks at 10:00pm on CBC (HD)

Sunday November 21
EPL: Blackburn vs. Aston Villa at 8:25am on Setanta (HD)
Serie A: Chievo vs. Internazionale at 9:00am on The Score (HD)
EPL: Fulham vs. Manchester City at 10:55am on Setanta (HD)
CFL: Argonauts @ Alouettes at 1:00pm on TSN (HD)
NFL: Regional Coverage at 1:00pm on CTV, CBS & Fox (HD)#
NASCAR: Sprint Cup – Ford 400 at 1:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
NBA: Celtics @ Raptors at 7:00pm on Sportsnet (HD)
AHL: Bulldogs @ Marlies at 1:00pm on CBC (HD)
Figure Skating: Cup of Russia at 2:00pm on NBC (HD)
Serie A: Napoli vs. Bologna at 2:30pm on TLN
NFL: Colts @ Patriots at 4:00pm on CBS (HD)
NFL: Falcons @ Rams at 4:00pm on Sportsnet (HD)^
NFL: Seahawks @ Saints at 4:00pm on Fox West (HD)
CFL: Roughriders @ Stampeders at 4:30pm on TSN (HD)
NHL: Flames @ Red Wings at 5:00pm on RSN Flames (HD)
NBA: Hornets @ Kings at 6:00pm on NBA TV (HD)
NHL: Oilers @ Ducks at 8:00pm on RSN West (HD)
NFL: Giants @ Eagles at 8:15pm on NBC (HD)
MLS: Colorado vs. Dallas at 8:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Coyotes @ Canucks at 9:00pm on RSN Pacific (HD)
NBA: Warriors @ Lakers at 9:30pm on The Score (HD)

*This game will also air in HD on ABC Detroit (WXYZ) for those who get that channel.
^This game will air on all Sportsnet channels, EXCEPT Sportsnet East.
#See here for a listing of NFL on CTV games and here for a listing of NFL games on your local Fox and CBS stations for this Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Sports on Canadian TV: November 20 & 21

  1. Pity we won’t be getting that game from Wrigley.

    I have a question, Josh. When the Flames and Oilers play on the same night and Sportsnet has the rights to both games, can people in both cities watch both games? Like, do the people in Edmonton have access to the RSN Flames channel?

    • I would love to see the game from Wrigley too, but even in the US it is only on ESPNU. At least Army-Notre Dame is on NBC.

      To answer your question, yes. The Oilers and Flames share all of Alberta including the opposite city. The same is true for the Canadiens and Senators in Ottawa/Montreal.

      • Ah, ok, I just wasn’t sure about whether that held this year, because of the new arrangements with SNONE and its “companion channels”.

  2. When it comes to the Flames-Oilers games on Sportsnet, if the game is in Calgary, just the Flames crew calls the game, people in Edmonton can watch the game on the Flames channel, and the opposite happens if the game is in Edmonton.

    Also, the West Final on Sunday will be awesome, GO STAMPS GO!

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