Sports on Canadian TV: October 18-22

Here is a the Sports on Canadian TV schedule for this week. Highlights include lots of NHL hockey and the MLB League Championship Series.

Monday October 18
EPL: Blackburn vs. Sunderland at 2:55pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Avalanche @  Rangers at 7:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Islanders @ Maple Leafs at 7:00pm on Leafs TV (HD)
NHL: Senators @ Penguins at 7:00pm on RSN Sens (HD)
MLB: Rangers @ Yankees, Gm. 3 at 8:00pm on Sportsnet (HD)
NFL: Titans @ Jaguars at 8:30pm on TSN (HD)

Tuesday October 19
UEFA CL: Real Madrid vs. Milan at 2:30pm on TSN (HD)
UEFA CL: Arsenal vs. Shakhtar Donetsk at 2:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
MLB: Phillies @ Giants, Gm. 3 at 4:00pm on Fox (HD)
Golf: PGA Grand Slam, Day 1 at 4:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Bruins @ Capitals at 7:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Flames @ Predators at 8:00pm on RSN Flames (HD)
MLB: Rangers @ Yankees, Gm. 4 at 8:00pm on Sportsnet (HD)
NHL: Canucks @ Wild at 9:00pm on RSN Vancouver (HD)

Wednesday October 20
UEFA CL: Internazionale vs. Tottenham at 2:30pm on RSN East & West (HD)
UEFA CL: Barcelona vs. Copenhagen at 2:30pm on RSN One (HD)
MLB: Rangers @ Yankees, Gm. 5 at 4:00pm on RSN Ontario & Pacific (HD)
Golf: PGA Grand Slam, Day 2 at 5:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
MLB: Phillies @ Giants, Gm. 4 at 7:30pm on Fox (HD)
NHL: Canucks @ Blackhawks at 9:00pm on TSN (HD)

Thursday October 21
Golf: Castello Masters, 1st Round at 9:00am on GOLF (HD)
UEFA EL: Napoli vs. Liverpool at 1:00pm on TLN
PGA: Shriners Open, 1st Round at 4:00pm on GOLF (HD)
NHL: Rangers @ Maple Leafs at 7:00pm on TSN (HD)
NHL: Flames @ Red Wings at 7:00pm on RSN Flames (HD)
MLB: Phillies @ Giants at 7:30pm on Fox (HD)
NHL: Wild @ Oilers at 9:00pm on RSN Oilers (HD)
NCAA FB: UCLA @ Oregon at 9:00pm on The Score (HD)

Friday October 22
Golf: Castello Masters, 2nd Round at 9:00am on GOLF (HD)
NASCAR: Sprint Cup  Tums 500, Qualifying at 3:00pm on TSN (HD)
PGA: Shriners Open, 2nd Round at 5:00pm on GOLF (HD)
CFL: Alouettes @ Tiger Cats at 7:00pm on TSN (HD)
NBA: Knicks vs. Raptors at 7:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Flames @ Blue Jackets at 7:00pm on RSN West (HD)
NHL: Senators @ Sabres at 7:30pm on RSN East (HD)
MLB: Yankees @ Rangers at 8:00pm on RSN Ontario (HD)
NHL: Wild @ Canucks at 10:00pm on RSN Pacific (HD)

3 thoughts on “Sports on Canadian TV: October 18-22

  1. I’m curious about the new “channels” that were created by Sportsnet coming out of the whole SN-ONE thing. These games that are on “RSN Vancouver” or “RSN Flames” – what’s the distribution on them?

    At first, I figured this was a way to sort of limit the damage of potentially not having the games available through certain providers. Take RSN Vancouver: I thought that what they were doing was creating a new channel that would cover fewer households. That by calling it “RSN Vancouver”, they were basically saying that it wouldn’t cover all of Canucks territory (which includes such distant places as Prince Rupert, Fort Nelson and yes, Whitehorse), but instead would just cover Greater Vancouver. This, I figured was to allow Centre Ice subscribers in those more distant areas to have access to the games, since they weren’t going to be available locally.

    But then two nights ago, I tried tuning in on Centre Ice (which I’ve purchased through the local cable company Northwestel) to the Canucks/Wild game, but it was blacked out.

    So, what’s the deal with these regional SN-ONE channels?

    • Basically its so that Sportsnet can air multiple regional games at a time and also so they don’t have to blackout Sportsnet One programming for the rest of the country.

      You should be able to get RSN-Vancouver in Whitehorse, assuming you get Sportsnet One of course. It is available throughout all of the Sportsnet Pacific territory. Sportsnet Flames and Oilers are available throughout all of West territory and Sportsnet Sens is available throughout all of the East territory.

      The only tie in they have with Sportsnet One, is that you have to subscribe to Sportsnet One to get them.

      I hope this clears it up a bit.

      • That helps for sure.

        I guess I’m able to get SN-ONE up here, but only if I change TV providers. NWTel still hasn’t signed on with the ONE, so I’d have to switch to satellite to get it.

        I’m not a Canucks fan so it doesn’t hurt me too badly, but I feel for the Canucks fans up here with NWTel who bought Centre Ice thinking they’d get every game, and are now faced with two fairly lousy options: waiting it out to see if NWTel picks up the channel, eating their $200 investment in Centre Ice and moving to satellite.

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